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Transactions of the Symposium on Space Nuclear Power Systems, (5th) Held at Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 11, 1988. | National Technical Reports Library - NTIS
The PDF contains info on wheelguns, giant counterrotating flywheel hoops in space to supply power to SDI weapons, mainly railguns/particle accelerator cannons/free electron lasers that need huge amounts of power right now. Appears to expect to be trickle charged over time by a small space nuclear reactor (SNAP? atomic teakettle?). Also has an interesting microwave power beaming scenario from a nuke in mars synchronous orbit to a ground rover, high performance radiators, including a fabric heatpipe radiator, a curie point magnetic liquid droplet radiator, and other power conversion concepts.
SDI  wheelgun  space  counterrotating  flywheel  hoop  energy  storage  power  generator  FEL  free  electron  laser  railgun  neutraal  particle  accelerator  cannon  military  WPT  microwave  transmission  mars  MSO  rectenna  rotating  loop  pulsed  fabric  radiator  heat  thermal  management 
march 2018 by asteroza
Whooshh - Home
So these guys made a fish cannon. Apparently spawning salmon seem quite willing to get into the thing too.
fruit  fish  salmon  cannon  high  speed  animal  transport  vacuum  tube  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
JS LOIC v0.2
Interesting javascript implementation, meant as a way to bypass install restrictions for LOIC in restricted user environments? Or as an ugly hack of a way to recruit other (non-windows) machines for an attack. But, it looks like it doesn't have hivemind mode (probably a practical limitation of not being able to normally access the hivemind control IRC channel)
javascript  LOIC  DDOS  DOS  hacking  attack  tools  utilities  security  low  orbit  ion  cannon  anonymous  Delicious 
december 2010 by asteroza
Ocean Based Orbital Payload Delivery Cannon for $250 per pound
Interesting use of a tensile/tensegrity structure to straighten and stabilize the cannon, coupled with netural buoyancy to cut out a lot of the stresses (though at that size current/tidal forces may come into play).
marine  ocean  floating  neutral  buoyancy  hydrogen  gas  gun  orbital  launcher  launch  system  megaengineering  megastructure  concept  design  space  platform  cannon  Delicious 
january 2010 by asteroza

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