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Peptides Derived from the Tight Junction Protein, Claudin-1, Disrupt Skin Barrier and Promote Responsiveness to an Epicutaneous Vaccine - Journal of Investigative Dermatology
This suggests a patch based flu vaccine booster might work if you had a traditional flu vaccine injection first, allowing easier immunization maintenance
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22 hours ago by asteroza
Rocket recycling – catching rocket stages after launch
Huh, catching a winged first stage booster rocket by the nose, air towing to a landing site, then releasing it again so it can glide to land. Avoids boost-back for recovery (more fuel for main flight), doesn't require a landing site forward in the ground track for the booster either. Catch-and-release, like a big mouth billy bass...
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march 2019 by asteroza
Spray On Kit
Apparently this is the real deal, a nanoparticle/nanocapacitor suspension paint. A spray on paint kit to create either a conformal antenna or to enhance an existing antenna. They painted a tree and were able to send VHF signals 14 miles. Boosting existing antennas is anywhere from 10% to 40% (40% was 20dBm for an iPhone 3 test). The videos also talk about potential uses in other EMF applications, such as (?AC) electric motor windings.
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february 2012 by asteroza
S T R A T O L A U N C H - S Y S T E M S
Paul Allen funding a newspace start that mixes Burt Rutan designing a monster carrier plane, Elon Musk's Falcon 9 converted into a Pegasus style winged air launch rocket, and some dudes who will build the rocket/aircraft interface who previously did the MOAB for the military. This might have legs. The carrier aircraft is drool-worthy for other newspace companies, in case this venture flames out...
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december 2011 by asteroza
Yamaha two-wheel drive motorcycle
I wonder if Yamaha's work on the lightweight 2-trac system can be scaled up for hydraulic hybrid cars?
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september 2011 by asteroza
product_sheet_-_leviathan_heavy_lift_launch_vehicle_rc.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The DIRECT guys are proposing Leviathan, an update to the old Truax Sea Dragon design using annular aerospike rocket engines. Which is exactly the idea I was kicking around with college friends back before 2000. Sea Dragon basically revolved around the logical end to the big dumb booster argument, making a rocket so large that certain materials handling issues become easier. Namely, using submarine pressure hull manufacturing techniques on half inch thick steel plates formed into a cylindrical tank body. You build this in a shipyard, not a clean room hangar. Due to size, sea transport and launh is must, but that ends up making a lot of other things easier. Leviathan neatly sidesteps one of the issues with Sea Dragon; the second stage expandable nozzle skirt. Aerospikes get almost equivalent performance for less complexity and risk. Reusuability is easier at this size, and sets the ground for SSTO.
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june 2011 by asteroza

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