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Burrito Bomber: The world's first airborne Mexican food delivery system
Less accuracy, but longer range than TacoCopter quadcopter derivatives. Too bad that dragonfly ornithopter UAV doesn't have a decent payload capability, as that would probably probably be superior. I suppose the alternative is a VTOL capable flying wing UAV type (tailsitter) like the Quadshot.

I wonder if they can use the Alameda-Weehawken burrito tunnel hardware as a catapult...
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december 2012 by asteroza
iStrike Shuttle- iOS controlled drone by Dream Cheeky — Kickstarter
With a bigger body and a large hollow cargo ball, the tacocopter may be closer than you think.
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october 2012 by asteroza
The iPhone Controlled Ball Dropping Bomber - Hammacher Schlemmer
iStrike Shuttle, for when absolutely positively must need to drop ping pong balls on people with your iPhone...
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october 2012 by asteroza
DoD Buzz | Why The B-52 Got $11.9 Billion
BUFF getting buffed? Maybe they might finally upgrade the engines?
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october 2010 by asteroza

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