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Pumped thermal grid storage with heat exchange: Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Vol 9, No 4
paper outlining a mixed molten salt/liquid air type thermal energy store similar to Google's Malta subsidiary design.
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december 2018 by asteroza
Room-temperature cycling of metal fluoride electrodes: Liquid electrolytes for high-energy fluoride ion cells | Science
New anion focused research. Fluride-ion previously required 300C so basically a molten salt, but this is room temperature, suitable for vehicles.
Honda  liquid  electrolyte  flouride  ion  battery  energy  storage  anion  materials  science  research  technology 
december 2018 by asteroza
Faradaically selective membrane for liquid metal displacement batteries | Nature Energy
Sadoway has a new variant of the liquid metal battery, a liquid displacement metal mesh battery. Some sort of porous membrane in the center?
Sadoway  liquid  displacement  metal  mesh  battery  energy  storage  materials  science  research  technology  porous  membrane 
february 2018 by asteroza
Lithium-antimony-lead liquid metal battery for grid-level energy storage : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
Apparently swapping in a lead-antimony alloy for one electrode works pretty well, retaining the high voltage capability of pure antimony while lowering the melt temp closer to lead. Matching with a lithium electrode on the other side of the electrolyte makes the overall system operating temp lower, from the original concept's 700C to more like 450-500C.
Sadoway  liquid  metal  battery  energy  storage  materials  science  research  technology  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
500KW power/2MWHr storage in a FEU (2xTEU) cargo container.
Ambri  Sadoway  liquid  metal  electrolyte  electrode  battery  materials  science  research  technology  green  grid  energy  storage  molten  salt  magnesium  antimony  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Home | Highview Power Storage
Interesting energy storage idea, similar to CAES but reverses some of the problems. Efficiency improves somewhat if it can use an on-site waste heat source rather than ambient air (implying a colocated coal or gas turbine plant as baseload providing nighttime recharge of the cryogenic tank)(this can use any kind of low grade heat, even stuff that ORC stuff would sniff at). Total storage volume is less than CAES since you are dealing in liquids and not gases, though you commit to a large number of cryogenic tanks. You could probably couple this with an ASU, so you have a side business of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen production, focusing on LN2 as your working fluid. Assuming a gas turbine is your nominal heat source, you could potentially do an oxyfuel/IGCC style setup where some turbines are run in cold nitrogen gas mode while others are in oxygen/methane burning mode, with steam recovery secondary generation coupled to tertiary warming of liquid nitrogen.
Highview  CES  cryogenic  liquid  air  energy  storage  green  battery  waste  low  grade  heat  recovery  scavenging  harvesting  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
Technology Review: TR10: Liquid Battery
Interesting idea, but what about the fundamental principal of batteries, being that you get better energy density by increasing the surface area of the electrodes? Wouldn't the liquid electrode layer represent the least amount of surface area possible?
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february 2009 by asteroza

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