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Working on a battery called battenice, that uses semiconductor electron traps. Some kind of quantum battery?
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february 2014 by asteroza
Bioinspired fibers change color when stretched — Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Interesting photonic fiber research, which resembles dichroic materials, but because it is stretchable, allows active changing of the color by adjusting the bandgap. Possible uses in smart cloth showing deformation damage, or as a possible active camouflage textile system.
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february 2013 by asteroza
Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway : Light and Electromagnetics Blocked but Corridor is Filled with Air
I wonder if this could be used as a kind of magnetic field barrier that is porous to liquid nitrogen to cool a superconducting magnet or coaxial superconducting wire to cut down or contain the magnetic field which can be harmful to high temperature superconductor operations?
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august 2009 by asteroza
A Research Program Nuclear Energy Conversion [abstract]
Use radiation to fluoresce a material, recover the photon energy with a wide bandgap solar cell. Simple semi-direct solid state electricity cycle with no moving parts. Interesting route is an RTG style plant with mirrors/fiberoptics feeding the solar array. Use natural case conductive cooling with a naturally decaying core rather than an active fission reaction. I wonder if you could increase the cycle efficiency with betavoltaics at the fluorescing material position? I wonder if you do some quantum dot well stuff to tune the light/photon outputs to better match the solar cells?
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april 2009 by asteroza

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