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s3ql - a full-featured file system for online data storage - Google Project Hosting
Hrm, this seems to use characteristics of ZFS over S3, by using SQLite as an underlying filesystem engine. I wonder if it's pulling something like a ZIL write cache to protect write data in flight to S3?
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april 2011 by asteroza
Cloud File Server | Cloud Storage Gateway | Nasuni
I remember seeing someone say somewhere about the possibility of using ZFS combined with L2ARC and iSCSI, such that a sufficiently large enough L2ARC for local read caches and a good ZIL could mask using iSCSI to connect to remote real storage, even with latencies usally associated with a cross-continent connection. I wonder if this is doing that to some degree?
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february 2011 by asteroza
A free alternative to Norton Ghost, with massive network cloning via UDP multicast
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april 2009 by asteroza

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