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がじぇっとるねさす | ルネサス エレクトロニクス
Renesas is running a pseudo-startup incubator, then shuffling along graduates to a crowd funding site it seems.
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september 2014 by asteroza
Home - Breakout Labs
VC fund focused on more angle-style funding for hard science early startups, just barely out of the lab
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august 2014 by asteroza
David E. Weekly's Syndicate
UAV specific investment fund starting up for angels/VC's?
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june 2014 by asteroza
TX Area Start-up Support Project : TEP TX Entrepreneur Partners
Described as an prescreening/introduction company, to match startups with a small stable of angel and VC investor partners.
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february 2013 by asteroza
Home - My Urban Angel
A smartphone app/service, that basically allows you quickly lay in an evening out, setup checkpoints/waypoints during the night, and ways to contact/locate trusted people or friends, and finally a panic button to contact someone to go retrieve you, or call the police. It tries to do live recording of GPS position as well, to provide map tracking of where you were, if someone has to go find you.
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march 2011 by asteroza

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