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CBOR — Concise Binary Object Representation | Overview
CBOR is an alternative to JSON, where it's a self describing binary protocol so no schema needed. Possible alternative to Avro/ProtoBuf as well
CBOR  binary  serialization  data  format  webdev  programming  development  alternative  JSON  protobuf 
7 days ago by asteroza
New wearable authentication more than a "token" gesture | Article | The United States Army
Trying to make an operationally more useful wireless variant of a CAC card, probably as a wearable token if not dog tags. Tough to do that with forward deployed folks though since they would need to faraday cage their token when leaving for patrol.
military  authorization  ID  access  CAC  card  alternative  wireless  RFID  token  hardware  electronics  devices 
22 days ago by asteroza
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 256403 (2019) - Alloy-Free Band Gap Tuning across the Visible Spectrum
Using molecular beam epitaxy to build up thin film composites as an alternative to conventional rare metals
molecular  beam  epitaxy  thin  film  composite  materials  science  research  technology  alternative  rare  earth  metal 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Deakin researchers design maintenance-free bridge for Geelong park | Deakin
carbon/glass fiber hybrid polymer rebar for concrete, as an alternative to basalt fiber rebar wherever steel rebar can't be used
polymer  glass  carbon  fiber  hybrid  rebar  concrete  reinforcement  materials  science  research  technology  basalt  alternative 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Harnessing Heat Beyond 200 °C from Unconcentrated Sunlight with Nonevacuated Transparent Aerogels | ACS Nano
Substituting a highly transparent aerogel cover instead of glass for vacuum insulated solar thermal receivers to prevent heat emission back out
transparent  aerogel  materials  science  research  technology  solar  thermal  vacuum  receiver  cover  glass  alternative 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Transient Plasma Systems – Pulsed Power
Working on pulsed plasma alternatives to conventional sparkplugs
pulsed  plasma  ignition  research  technology  sparkplug  alternative  spark  automotive 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
Bping - The Ping That Beeps
Interesting, a ping utility that can beep depending on whether it succeeds or fails
windows  ping  alternative  beep  audio  alert  networking  sysadmin  tools  utilities 
june 2019 by asteroza
Home - SiFive
Intel/Qualcomm/Samsung are getting serious, feeding money into this fabless RISC-V shop, as they are desperately trying to get out from under the thumb of ARM. Probably good for RISC-V ecosystem, but how much will they give back to the opensource RISC-V community? Plus, there's the China angle to consider...
RISC-V  fabless  SoC  design  CPU  custom  hardware  electronics  devices  alternative  ARM  opensource 
june 2019 by asteroza
SQL query multiple API's at once, merging old API/non-graphQL API's together for ease of use
API  mashup  SQL  frontend  GraphQL  alternative  webdev 
april 2019 by asteroza
Tombot Robotic Companion Animals | Home
A new therapeutic robot dog, in the vein of the Paro seal robot, as a companion for elderly dementia patients. But, a dog is a pretty big hurdle compared to a seal, because people have a lot of expectations regarding a dog, but don't really have many preconceived notions regarding a seal...
robot  dog  therapeutic  pet  simulator  paro  alternative  robotics  health  medicine  companion 
march 2019 by asteroza
MOzilla is partnering with Scroll a bit, since modern internet journalism has a broken business model dependent on surveillance capitalism advertising. Whether this will become a viable alternative is open to debate. But some sort of microtipping system, and not wholesale subscription/patron based financial support seems like a more viable ecosystem, if anyone could ever figure out a viable microtipping architecture compatible with existing currency...
online  news  journalism  payment  support  model  service  adtertising  alternative  mozilla 
march 2019 by asteroza
Hybrid between timeline chat and topic based threaded messages
opensource  team  chat  software  server  client  business  collaboration  alternative 
march 2019 by asteroza - Home
Here's the startup commercializing the MRegen magnetic muscle stimulator
MRegen  muscle  stimulator  exercise  alternative  health  medicine  noninvasive  magnetic  field 
february 2019 by asteroza
e · GitLab
Appears to be an attempt to do AOSP while removing google tracking hooks
AOSP  android  OS  alternative  privacy  anonymity 
february 2019 by asteroza
Coming Soon
Uses a closed loop ICE of sorts, using input hydrogen/methane and oxygen along with working fluid argon. Burn in a piston, condense out the water, membrane filter the CO2, and recycle the argon back to the cylinder.
argon  power  cycle  alternative  working  fluid  closed  loop  recycling  ICE  engine  generator  hydrogen  methane  oxygen  oxyfuel 
october 2018 by asteroza
Hrm, if your terminal is the storage, what happens when the phone dies?
decentralized  social  network  SNS  android  SSB  scuttlebutt  protocol  alternative 
october 2018 by asteroza
Microsoft Teams – Group Chat software
So they have a decent free tier now? Well, minus the pro upgrade nag...
microsoft  teams  IM  chat  instant  messaging  collaboration  software  service  alternative  slack 
july 2018 by asteroza
paragonie/paseto: Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens
This is a more general token rather than as an alternative for JWT for JWT specific use cases. Though most JWT could be covered by a cookie better...
authentication  token  software  opensource  stateless  security  alternative  JWT 
june 2018 by asteroza
If you need rough time sync accuracy, this is pretty serviceable wherever NTP is blocked
HTTP  time  sync  software  NTP  alternative 
may 2018 by asteroza
Home - ELIA
Alternative to Braille, intended for people who lose sight late in life, thus have trouble acquiring a new language.
tactile  language  character  alternative  Braille 
april 2018 by asteroza
SuperShe Island – Finland, June 2018
A female-only island resort in Finland, which requires an applicant process to be allowed/invited to visit.
Finland  women  female  only  resort  island  EU  travel  alternative 
april 2018 by asteroza
Dat Project - A Distributed Data Community
Something like IPFS? Someone said it's like scuttlebutt, but SBB is user diary signchain subscription oriented, while Cabal/Dat is content diary signchain subscription oriented.
distributed  data  mesh  network  protocol  alternative  IPFS  collaboration  P2P  opensource  software  cabal  chat  SNS  DAT  decentralization  sharing 
january 2018 by asteroza
Container Linux on the Desktop - Google Slides
As an alternative to Qubes/Xen, this uses CoreOS with graphics drivers coupled with all your regular apps containerized, with the containers getting updated and scanned for vulnerabilities as they are updated (over at the Jenkins CI container builder)
CoreOS  container  linux  docker  alternative  Qubes 
december 2017 by asteroza
rogerbinns/apsw: Another Python SQLite wrapper
python's default SQL wrapper has a lot of strange quirks. This wrapper allows you to more directly interact with sqlite3 to push in the SQL you want.
alternative  python  wrapper  database  SQLite  SQLite3  programming 
october 2017 by asteroza
Coda — It's a new day for docs
Kinda cloud based super spreadsheet, for excel formula/macro junkies
cloud  spreadsheet  service  excel  alternative  productivity 
october 2017 by asteroza
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