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some dtrace scripts for examining loads on storage servers by client, for iSCSI and a few other protocols, plus ZIL usage.
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december 2013 by asteroza
zilstat - Richard Elling Consulting
tool for monitoring ZIL usage/performance for ZFS systems
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august 2013 by asteroza
Bcache - BcacheWiki
Interesting work on a filesystem agnostic block device cache implementation using SSD's, as a linux kernel patch. Very similar to ZFS' L2ARC cache which is also intended for use with SSD's. But the big difference is that this is a read/write cache, so technically it is a hybrid of ZIL and L2ARC. Creator works for Google, so this might have legs...
Bcache  linux  kernel  patch  software  block  device  caching  accelerator  writeback  SSD  ZFS  L2ARC  ZIL  programming  development  performance  storage  cache  filesystem  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Buy: STEC ZeusRAM™ 3.5" 8G DRAM 6G SAS-2 SSD
Okay, instead of the rumored $10K it's $3K, which makes it much more attractive relative to the DDRdrive. DDRdrive is ($2K,2Gbit,35K-300K IOPs) vs this which is reported as ($3K,6Gbit, 80K IOPs). The DDRdrive guys need to step up their game from PCIe 1.1 x1 if they want to spank this.
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august 2011 by asteroza
Visualizing System Latency - ACM Queue
Some interesting stuff showing latency spreads involving multiple disks, mirroring, JBOD, ZIL (and maybe L2ARC), which makes for interesting reading. There seems to be some weirdness regarding bus contention. Does this have implications for SAS/SATA port expanders and/or JBOD enclosures when using ZFS?
ZFS  disk  latency  research  heatmap  througput  performance  analysis  storage  information  visualization  JBOD  ZIL  SAS  SATA  port  expander  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza
ZFS with Cloud Storage or Faraway Storage - Jignesh Shah's Weblog
Cool idea of using ZFS ZIL/L2ARC on local storage (preferably on fast local storage tiers like SSD's, but if the scale of data is too large you may have to go back to spinning disk) to provide low latency random local writes, while flushing acceptable high latency bulk writes out to a final cloud based iSCSI tier, and using a local read cache to overcome the seek/latency hit of remote iSCSI storage (assuming your cache is filled well).

Pushing the idea farther, Use Amazon EC2 and S3, store main partitions as files in S3 and use EC2 instances to export iSCSI LUN's of those backing files.
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april 2010 by asteroza

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