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Advanced Aircraft Company – The Future of VTOL UAS
Makers of NASA's GL-10 Greased Lightning hybrid electric tiltwing VTOL
UAS  UAV  VTOL  tiltwing  hybrid  electric  GL-10  NASA  drone  research  technology 
july 2017 by asteroza
The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend from the Skies - Technology Review
Oh this is EVIL, which is why I love this. Wanna be a contract UAV driver for shadowy eastern european mafia groups, right out some Gibson novel? The added trick is the tradeoff between transit/loiter time while in VTOL mode, and long duration ops during a perching fixed/landed mode.
WaSP  AR.Drone  3G  GSM  wifi  wireless  roaming  attack  drone  hacking  security  botnet  remote  control  out-of-band  secondary  channel  hardware  electronics  devices  UAV  MAV  UAS  research  stalker  automated  warflying  wardriving  perch  perching  mobile  accesspoint  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Did that quadcopter power generation kite project not work out?
UAV  UAS  paparazzi  autopilot  microcontroller  linux  motor  controller  hardware  electronics  devices  quadcopter  quadrotor  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Micro Power Systems Research Projects, University of Maryland Energy Research Center
Neat concept of using a SOFC fuel cell burner with a small piston engine, allowing switching between primarily propulsion and primarily electricity generation
sUAS  UAS  MAV  UAV  hybrid  SOFC  fuelcell  reformer  combustor  integration  reactant  fuel  preheat  propulsion  power  generator  small  form  factor  compact  research  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza

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