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AP spanking the japanese media with a huge scoop using the japanese equivalent of the FOIA, They revealed NISA had a single page tsunami preparedness document from TEPCO that was over a decade old, never updated, and never verified. This pretty much shows the major domestic japanese media outlets are in bed with the government and TEPCO.
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june 2011 by asteroza
パソコン一斉に3割節電 MSが自動プログラム配布 :日本経済新聞
Uh, so Microsoft appears to be planning to release a power control app in Japan for Windows to cut power usage by a third. No mention of when this is coming (I assume before the summer blackouts hit...)(rumor is after Golden Week)
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april 2011 by asteroza
Using network bandwidth graphing tools to illustrate recent TEPCO power consumption data
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april 2011 by asteroza
Fuel cells, solar little help in blackouts : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)
So those double hybrid setup Ene-farm fuelcell and solar panel rigs that TEPCO and Tokyo gas have been pimping for the last two years for home use are functionally useless during a blackout because they were designed only as electrical consumption reduction measures and not backup/offgrid power sources. I think my friend described it in one word very well; FAIL.
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april 2011 by asteroza
東京電力供給情報ウィジェット - Android Market
Basically it shows the current TEPCO consumption graph via that open TEPCI power API someone hacked together, which is terribly slow to update due to the raw data source's update frequency (gee, TEPCO having poor information/data transparency? surprise, surprise...)
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march 2011 by asteroza
停電検索 - Android Market
Does this pull GPS info to show if you are in a blackout area?
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march 2011 by asteroza
NERV極秘資料 - 電力使用状況
While making an anime in-joke, some dude has whipped up a meter style readout from TEPCO CSV data regarding available and current power (XML updates every 5 minutes apparently)(TEPCO data reports in units of 10000KW due to japanese number conventions, so that screws other mashups numbering conventions)
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march 2011 by asteroza
TEPCO to begin tests of electricity 'smart meters' : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)
Interesting that the granularity of data is in 30 minute intervals and that the data is available though a TEPCO website. Is the granularity an issue of how the information is transmitted (such as a data only GSM/UMTS radio modem only firing in 30 minute data bursts)? You would think dumping data through the powerlines via PLC to the local transformer to collect and forward would be easier. I also wonder about the web API to access your own power data, and how your power metadata will be handled (privacy/marketing concerns), considering third party groups such as Google will want access.
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march 2010 by asteroza

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