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SIP Signaling JavaScript Library for WebRTC Developers | SIP.js
Adding some SIP functionality to webRTC to enable PBX/teleconferencing/videoconferencing features
webRTC  SIP  javascript  library  communications  videoconferencing  teleconferencing  webdev 
october 2017 by asteroza
Oh wow, virtual receptionist/company internal telephone directory listing and handsfree extension dialing as an iPad app.
bijinuketsuke  iPad  iOS  iPhone  app  virtual  receptionist  selfserve  internal  extension  SIP  VoIP  telephone  phone  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza - Toll Free & Local Phone Numbers
Interesting service for getting a toll free number and forwarding it, such as to your cellphone. Good for privacy maybe (do they support dialing out to mask your number?)
hosted  PBX  call  forwarding  service  toolfree  freedial  0120  1800  privacy  international  VoIP  SIP  IPPBX  IP-PBX  voicemail  fax  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
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