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Script Delete Duplicate SUS Client IDs
The old newSID program reset computer SID's but after XP that is less important now (aside from AD DC's), however it never reset WSUS ID's, so OS clones (physical ghost copied OS or VM copies) will have duplicate WSUS ID's causing problems. Unless you use sysprep correctly, the WSUS ID also won't be reset. This batch file will do the reregistration work to fix WSUS, but the SusClientID is based on the computer SID, so first change the SID with newSID then fix the WSUS ID. But it looks like it is missing a step to delete the SusClientIdValidation key as well...
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january 2015 by asteroza
A Windows 2000-based, Windows Server 2003-based, or Windows XP-based computer that was set up by using a Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP image does not appear in the WSUS console
So, normally, if you copy a VM without running NewSID or sysprep, you might have some issues (can't join DC properly, WSUS has ghost machines or doesn't recognize machines). This will fix the WSUS issue, due to duplicate ID's. The other option is sysprep using the OOBE and Generalize options, but that undoes a lot of settings/customizations which is obnoxious. But for Vista+ OS's, sysprep seems to be the only safe way to deal with SID resets since NewSID isn't safe.
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october 2013 by asteroza :: aptosid - Debian hot and spicy!
A debian sid based distro, which basically is sid with a real installer and the latest mostly vanilla kernel. Promises upstream compatibility with sid packages, so basically this is a more usable sid distro, from an install and use perspective.
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may 2013 by asteroza

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