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Honda presents new battery chemistry that could succeed lithium-ion
Previously, flouride-ion bats ran at 300C, so worked more like a molten salt...
Honda  fluoride  ion  battery  materials  science  research  technology  room  temperature  energy  storage 
january 2019 by asteroza
Continuous-wave room-temperature diamond maser | Nature
A step up from that organic crystal maser, which was materials limited to pulse ops
room  temperature  continuous  wave  maser  materials  science  research  technology  physics  optics  oscillator  diamond  laser  pumped  defect  vacancy 
april 2018 by asteroza
Mobile 3D Scanning | Canvas
Scanner dongle pairs with iPad camera to build up 3D raw file for a room. Send it the service and it will spit back a CAD file (but it might take 2 days...)
mobile  3D  scanner  hardware  electronics  devices  iPad  room  CAD  file  service  building  construction  architecture  Delicious 
november 2016 by asteroza
[1603.01482] 373 K Superconductors
Possible new room temperature superconductor research released, but they are keeping it partially secret due to pending patent.
room  temperature  superconductor  materials  science  research  technology  Delicious 
march 2016 by asteroza
Thermoelectric Power Generation from Lanthanum Strontium Titanium Oxide at Room Temperature through the Addition of Graphene - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (ACS Publications)
Interesting, graphene doping the sintering powder reduced thermal conductivity but increased electrical conductivity. 2 watts/m2 at room temperature is nothing to sneeze at neither.
lanthanum  strontium  titanium  oxide  titanate  graphene  thermoelectric  power  generator  materials  science  research  technology  composite  nanocomposite  room  temperature  Delicious 
august 2015 by asteroza
The japanese love hotel version of AirBnB, as in hourly...
room  office  space  day  rental  service  workspace  renting  hotdesk  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
FARO Solutions - 3D Surveying and Scanning
Apparently this can be used for generating 3D models of rooms.
3D  room  scanner  Delicious 
february 2014 by asteroza
Fujitsu Turns Semiconductor Plant Into Vegetable Plant -- Tech-On!
Fujitsu already closed several semiconductor fabs in that town, shipping the manufacturing hardware to new fabs in china. One site was so heavily contaminated that they couldn't sell the property after razing the plant and doing remediation, so they got the prefecture to build a magnet school on the site. I assume this plant is one of the older fabs on the southwest side of town, but wasn't heavily contaminated. With a still usable clean room in an industrial park full of other fabs, it would have been hard to sell otherwise in such a depressed local economy.
agriculture  health  Fujitsu  production  vegtable  japan  aizuwakamatsu  clean  food  potassium  low  medicine  fukushima  room  Delicious 
august 2013 by asteroza
Room Temperature Superconductivity Found in Graphite Grains - Technology Review
Unfortunately, this can not be used as a bulk material, but there's definitely a surface effect of some kind at the grain boundaries.
room  high  temperature  superconductor  materials  science  research  technology  superconductivity  graphite  powder  grain  boundary  interface  surface  effect  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
Replacements, Ltd.
Apparently these guys are legendary for finding obscure tableware, and at reasonable prices. They sell and buy too.
china  stoneware  glass  glassware  silver  silverware  utensil  stainless  palte  cup  kitchen  dining  room  hardware  online  shop  replacement  service  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Room-Temperature Superconductivity in a Copper Oxide
Not in manufacturable quantities, but this might be the first room temperature superconductor? Somebody needs to confirm this...
room  temperature  HTS  superconductor  materials  science  research  technology  RTSC  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Vacation rentals, private rooms, sublets by the night - Accommodations on Airbnb
some sort of mixed travel accommodation reservation system, from couches up to islands?
vacation  travel  rental  room  couch  surfing  accommodation  cheap  budget  hotel  housing  alternative  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza
New material could help cut future energy losses - University of Liverpool
buckyballs superconduct at room temps if the electron orbits are squeezed? I wonder how you go about doing the squeezing at a bulk level...
fulleride  c60  buckyball  nanotechnology  superconductor  superconductivity  Room  temperature  materials  science  research  technology  electron  orbit  squeeze  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza

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