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ChrisTruncer/WMImplant: This is a PowerShell based tool that is designed to act ...
Stuffing an implant into WMI even under DeviceGuard and constrained language mode
WMI  RAT  implant  powershell  pentesting  security  hacking  PoC  Delicious 
march 2017 by asteroza
Rat Free Subways
Pushing the image rating website concept to one of the logical conclusions in the genre tree, may I present "Rate my Rat" for NYC subway commuters.
humor  NewYork  NYC  subway  rat  infestation  photo  picture  image  upload  rate  rating  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
Island Conservation
When you absolutely, positively, must kill every mother lovin' rat on an island with GPS guided slow acting poison, you call these guys...
rat  exterminator  invasive  species  removal  conservation  island  land  management  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza

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