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some dtrace scripts for examining loads on storage servers by client, for iSCSI and a few other protocols, plus ZIL usage.
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december 2013 by asteroza
Someone spent time backporting KVM onto OpenSolaris/Illumos and spun up a custom distro. Wait, OpenSOlaris kernel, BSD package management, and GNU toolchain? This is one bastard child of an operating system...
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august 2011 by asteroza
interesting alternative to the backblaze storage pod, which allows access to individual drives for more throughput
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may 2010 by asteroza
James Neal
Apparently this guy got a Backblaze StoragePod working with OpenSolaris, so it should be possible to do Nexenta on one. Though he probably did some tweaking to the choice of motherboard and RAID cards, plus he probably used a very recent build of OpenSolaris to get over the port multiplier issue.
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may 2010 by asteroza
ZFS with Cloud Storage or Faraway Storage - Jignesh Shah's Weblog
Cool idea of using ZFS ZIL/L2ARC on local storage (preferably on fast local storage tiers like SSD's, but if the scale of data is too large you may have to go back to spinning disk) to provide low latency random local writes, while flushing acceptable high latency bulk writes out to a final cloud based iSCSI tier, and using a local read cache to overcome the seek/latency hit of remote iSCSI storage (assuming your cache is filled well).

Pushing the idea farther, Use Amazon EC2 and S3, store main partitions as files in S3 and use EC2 instances to export iSCSI LUN's of those backing files.
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april 2010 by asteroza

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