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Press Releases : DOCOMO Develops World's First SIM-based Authentication Mini Device
This isn't totally insane, as many countries are moving to electronic ID's using touchless access already. Moving some of the functionality to a bracelet that can be reused for SIM attributes is a reasonable extension of this concept. bluetooth fundamentally supports a remote SIM access profile, which is basically an extension of serial interface profiles already. Anything above SIM profile access though may be problematic without reusing an existing profile or standardizing a new one.
NTT  DoCoMo  research  portable  SIM  bracelet  authentication  external  storage  ID  touchless  bluetooth  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
「050 plus」 | iPhoneから無料・格安で話せるIP電話アプリ
DoCoMo is pimping a VoIP app for iPhone (soon android) for 050 numbers. How this jives with DoCoMo's ToS for mobile data prohibiting VoIP is going to be interesting, especially when the android version ships.
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july 2011 by asteroza
モバイル空間統計 | 企業情報 | NTTドコモ
NTT doing research using aggregated cellphone user spatial coordinate statistics to provide insight into commuter movements to help urban planning for transportation networks
NTT  DoCoMo  mobile  user  spatial  location  statistics  urban  planning  visualization  human  commuter  movement  commuting  migration  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Basically this does calorie approximation based on images of food taken by a cellphone, and provides calorie counter tracking. Since japanese are obsessed with photo microblogging their meals, this takes easy advantage of societal habits. This service would also have legs in foreign markets with women.
NTT  japan  docomo  health  enhancement  assist  service  image  picture  photo  food  calorie  analysis  management  logging  monitoring  recording  cellphone  mobile  phone  web  2.0  FoodLog  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
'Virtual Smartphone' Used as Both Android Machine, iPhone -- Tech-On!
The translation for this article sucks. Seems like an extension of earlier Intel research. Basically, using a lighter Android OS on a cellphone, you connect via VPN to a dedicated virtual machine Android OS instance on a cloud server. They claim lower battery consumption on the real hardware and hardware limitation independence because the VM android can be provisioned with CPU and memory on an adhoc basis. I assume they are basically using VNC with a dedicated return channel to send serial data from accelerometers and other onboard sensors, plus some remote filesystem mounting tricks to transfer local files in the cellphone to the cloud VM. The iPhone angle is that a similar VNC-esqe app on the iPhone could provide similar accessibility to the cloud android VM, and the reverse case of having a virtual iPhone or Windows Mobile instance (though the article points out licensing prevents having virtual instances of iOS and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7)
cloud  Android  virtual  machine  VM  instance  thin  client  VDI  VNC  NTT  japan  research  prototype  iPhone  windows  mobile  phone  7  smartphone  heterogeneous  cluster  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
PV Battery, Water Heater Combined for Efficiency -- Tech-On!
Definitely a "duh, why didn't I think of that" idea, though I imagine there may be long term issues regarding clarity of the clear plastic due to mineral accretion from the water and external clarity due to UV degradation and air pollution. But it is a neat trick to use water's optical properties to improve collector efficiency. Japan has a long history of home solar water heaters, but then tend to look terrible after a number of years and can be a real eyesore because they usually integrate the tank as well (but in Japan, home resale value is so low because people care about the land value more and build homes with poor longevity anyways so people care less about external appearances).
NTT  japan  hybrid  PV  solar  cell  hot  water  heater  collecotr  panel  green  energy  CHP  hardware  electronics  devices  prototype  liquid  lens  optics  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
サービス | iモード.net | NTTドコモ
You have to pay extra (maybe not with the new SP service plan feature), but this gives you a DoComo email address ( that can be used by an Android cellphone (and by extension can also be accessed via PC or anything else as well if you have a web browser) . Web based, so basically no push email (you'd think an IMAP service wouldn't be that hard...), short of using some hacked up android client app (some of the weird emoji ones might be able to due psuedo-push, but that's really just heavy polling so better have a pakehodai plan...)
NTT  DoCoMo  ketai  email  access  portal  PC  android  smartphone  cellphone  mobile  phone  browser  web  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza
NTT pumps $470 million into cloud computing by 2012 | Asiajin
Adding a proprietary encryption layer to a cloud grid is a waste of time and money, when open source equivalents are both pervasive and well tested via trial by fire. Typical NTT reinventing the wheel behavior, plus their usual proprietary twist to prevent their customers from migrating elsewhere. Didn't they get the memo that cloud computing is moving towards being service provider agnostic with data portability, as an economic stimulus to improve the customer experience since they can always leave you for someone else, and to have provider redundancy? That, and once Amazon sets up an S3 asia regional hub supporting asia regional EC2 instances, it's game over for NTT.
japan  NTT  cloud  computing  research  encryption  cryptography  service  disaster  resistance  recovery  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
NTT DOCOMO: Press Releases - 20090511
Basically, for stereo users, you can assign spatial coordinates/directions for specific audio sources. SO, for a conference call, all the west people on your left ear, all the east coast people on the right ear. Probably can do tricks like also shifting to be more forward or rearward, or farther away.
NTT  docomo  research  mobile  stereo  spatial  audio  transmission  sound  source  position  control  multiplexing  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza

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