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Ultrafine fibers have exceptional strength | MIT News
High strength and high toughness, rare combo, might be better than kevlar or dyneema
MIT  gel  spinning  electrospinning  polyethylene  fiber  nanofiber  textile  manufacturing  materials  science  research  technology 
january 2018 by asteroza
Selling HR analysis services via logging sociometric badge interactions. Used in that HBR study that women interact the same at work mostly, so wage gaps are more likely to be bias based...
sociometric  interaction  logging  badge  hardware  electronics  devices  social  analytics  HR  proximity  networking  MIT  audio  frequency  voice  analysis  conversation 
october 2017 by asteroza
FHR with FIRES resistance heated firebrick thermal storage to provide peak heating on top of nuclear heating for an indirect fired gas turbine (well, maybe some makeup natural gas in there for direct heating) peaker plant collocated with the reactor.
MIT  FHR  nuclear  reactor  power  generator  NACC  combined  cycle  gas  turbine  peaker  thermal  energy  storage  FIRES  resistance  heating  heated  firebrick  heated  Delicious 
november 2016 by asteroza
Optimizing Indirect Memory References with milk
This is not really a new programming language, more like compiler directives for marking deeply parallel sections for optimization in specific ways, enlarging memory usage for to fit modern CPU cache sizes.
deep  learning  parallel  computation  programing  development  algorithm  compiler  optimization  CSAIL  MIT  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
FastCAP Systems | Ultracapacitor and CNT Technologies
New high performance ultracaps that work well at a broad temperature range, this startup is a MIT spinout.
CNT  arbon  nanotube  ultracapacitor  energy  storage  materials  science  research  MIT  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
MegaMimo :: NETMIT Networks @ MIT
Similar to datacenter basebands for cellular networks, turning the all towers/AP's into part of a giant phased array.
beamforming  wifi  wireless  signal  RF  MIMO  network  networking  research  MIT  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
Object recognition for robots
SLAM algorithms may be better for object recognition?
MIT  SLAM  algorithm  machine  object  vision  software  research  Delicious 
august 2015 by asteroza
The SprayList: A Scalable Relaxed Priority Queue
Interesting solution to accelerating linked list use on multicore CPU's. Look at Java ConcurrentSkipListMap for an available usage.
concurrent  skip  list  parallel  algorithm  linked  programming  development  software  microsoft  research  MIT  data  structure  parallelizing  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
Welcome to TagSense Inc.
This looks like what became of the company that built the original Charm Badge/Tag event monitoring ID badge..
charmtag  charmbadge  charm  tag  RFID  hardware  electronics  devices  MIT  Delicious 
february 2014 by asteroza
Immersion: a people-centric view of your email life
How metadata really exposes you, a graph visualization from your gmail info.
information  visualization  graph  social  gmail  infoviz  analysis  contact  network  metadata  email  relationship  data  MIT  Delicious 
july 2013 by asteroza
Interesting paper of digital fabrication, which encompasses 3D printers as well as assorted CNC tools.
manufacturing  information  paper  whitepaper  fabrication  policy  printing  3D  fabbing  MIT  digital  reference  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
Interesting urban demand-hire rideshare vehicle prototype. Has a folding rear end that tucks itself into the passenger space to reduce storage requirements when on standby. Also features modular in-wheel electric motors with integrated all wheel steering/suspension, to open up the cabin and go back to the "skateboard" concept roots of the Chevy Volt. Zero radius turns too.
prototype  rideshare  transportation  devices  electronics  hardware  folding  vehicle  car  electric  compact  Hiroko  MIT  CityCar  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
A true bargain house - MIT News Office
The Pinwheel house prototype is apparently larger than the intended design, and changed the roof layout to use a translucent panel over the center courtyard to keep it weather protected and to convert the center into a general purpose room/space. Which makes the house design a little more interesting and functional in my opinion, but I can understand the original design intention of using a single standardized module, yielding 4 matched roofs and a center open hole.
MIT  1K  pinwheel  low  cost  house  home  building  construction  architecture  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
MIT 1K House
Interesting low cost designs that actually seem pretty good.
MIT  1K  house  home  building  design  concept  architecture  construction  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
TeraDiode - High Power Diode Laser Technology, Metal Cutting and Laser Welding
Supposedly a rather large improvement on solid state laser diodes. LaserMotive and the beamed power rocket guys will love this, as will the military. Sharks and popcorn sold separately.
TeraDiode  MIT  solid  state  laser  research  direct  diode  wave  wavelength  beam  combining  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Protecting medical implants from attack
Using recent research results regarding tuned transmitter antennas, MIT creates a signal jammer/nullifier that does signal RF wave cancellation for specific bands, to protect wireless medical implant command channels.
medical  implant  device  remote  control  command  defense  shield  frequency  jammer  signal  nullifier  cancellation  simultaneous  receive  transmit  MIT  research  security  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Constant connection
Interesting research about cellphone movement path prediction to optimize network connection handoff and connection power control, using the mobile unit (in this case a cellphone with GPS) to advertise to the base station its location so that a base station/cell network that is multi tower location aware and proactively handoff signals to other towers. This would be good in travel corridors such as public transit and highways where people are moving a lot. This would go hand in hand with that recent hardware announcement of base station tower hardware that offloads baseband calculations to a central datacenter, turning the entire cell network into a managed distributed antenna array, which by design will be at least location aware of its towers for cooperative forced handoff for load leveling in multi tower visible LoS situations. Sniffing the location information of endpoint devices, which is currently government mandated, to enhance the overall network capabilities is a logical step.
MIT  cellphone  wireless  mobile  phone  network  cell  signal  connection  handoff  optimization  location  tracking  GPS  track  path  prediction  predictive  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
Principle Power, Inc. - Renewable Energy, Delivered.
MIT WindFloat design is a tension leg offshore wind turbine platform
WindFloat  offshore  ocean  marine  tension  leg  support  platform  structure  wind  turbine  power  generator  green  energy  MIT  Delicious 
july 2010 by asteroza
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