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You have to call KDDI to opt-out of their Android targeted advertising. CALL, as in you have to do the support center, talk to a human thing. What a pack of FAIL.
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january 2012 by asteroza
Asiajin » Groupon Japan To Land KDDI Cellphone Official Portal
The big news here is an android specific client with integrated mobile payments via the cellphone bill. This is very interesting, and could build up to something bigger when Android cellphones such as the Nexus S arrive with NFC (and thus have RFID, and thus potentially FeliCa and thus SUICA mobile payment and confirmation linkages...)
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december 2010 by asteroza
KDDI to tie up with Skype › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
Uh, why is KDDI working with Skype here? Encrypted Skype transmissions in network means no lawful intercept capability, unless it is fundamentally trojaned to use a KDDI specific Skype gateway server (and if it's an Android smartphone, what's stopping someone from installing their own safe version of the official international Skype app?). The only thing I can think of is preferential call termination (and associated fees) from calls abroad via Skype, and expanded Skype-In availability within Japan (japanese starting to get keen on virtual numbers to shield their cellphones?), maybe some cellphone payment tieups for Skype-Out.
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october 2010 by asteroza
Asiajin » Cellphone Checks If Employees Goofing Off
KDDI decides to top NTT DoCoMo's employee walking/health monitoring trick using cellphone accelerometers to do employee profiling to catch the sleepers. Of course this may be useless in the back office where people have their butts parked in chairs for 2 hours at a stretch.
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march 2010 by asteroza
Asiajin » KDDI To Increase Tribrid Powered Cellphone Base Stations To Reduce CO2 Emissions
Interesting mixed use methodology, where a cellphone basestation is grid backed, but is operated primarily as a power price curve following battery backed power supply with solar assist, the aim being to reduce grid load during peak hours and to reduce the overall grid power consumption costs by going after the cheap power at night, followed by renewable energy assist during the day via solar. Reminds me of that new basestation design (By Ericsson?) those is a modular concrete tube tower with the built-in vertical axis wind turbine. The tube tower is probably a better choice in urban environments due to smaller land footprint ( I don't think you could get a good solar array size on the top cap of the tube), but the tribrid with solar isn't a bad idea in more rural settings, though at that point you might as well throw in a VAWT.
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october 2009 by asteroza
KDDI研、赤外線通信を用いてUSBのワイヤレス化を実現 | エンタープライズ | マイコミジャーナル
Apparently KDDI has a prototype of an infrared bridge for USB 2.0 speeds allowing pseudo wireless USB operation (I guess it's a transparent bridge circuit and not an active USB device itself?). It seems the IrDA IrUSB SIG is pushing this for a spec, I guess as a follow-on to the 3rd gen IR IrDA spec that was doing USB 1.1 speeds.
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july 2009 by asteroza

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