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informare: Survival analysis of hard disk drive failure data: Update to Q1 2016
Backblaze data adjusted shows HGST is still great, but this is historical data, and now that HGST 3.5" is now in Toshiba's hands, it will be interesting to see if new Toshiba's are as good.
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may 2016 by asteroza
News Releases : December 2, 2013 : Hitachi Global
Hitachi is pumping out a containerized generic use energy storage battery. Intended to cover frequency/power regulation as well as generic peak shifting from the looks of it. Unfortunately, it uses lithium-ion batteries, so the useful life is 3 years probably.
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december 2013 by asteroza
2012/07/12 14:27 - Hitachi To Develop 5mw Offshore Wind Farm
Interesting that they are developing a downwind turbine. While it may have natural pointing ability, their available information still indicates active yaw control, not passive. Reducing blade stiffness by avoiding the need to not strike the tower seems good to reduce cost, but there may noise issues from blade/tower interaction (which are mitigated due to being offshore).
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july 2012 by asteroza
Chinese Bullet Trains Carry "Black Box" Controls - IEEE Spectrum
The fact that certain control equipment supplied by Hitachi was used, potentially blindly, in both the high speed trains that crashed as well as in the new nuclear reactors is a cause for concern...
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october 2011 by asteroza
Hitachi launches Blu-Ray-SSD hybrid drive • The Register
Okay, I'm probably not the only one who initially was scratching their heads wondering what value a SSD would add to a optical drive, since the title is a little misleading. This is a good idea if there is actually space left in the optical drive form factor to get away with this though.
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june 2010 by asteroza

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