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2017 Usb Cable Charging Function Hidden Gsm Sim Voice Activate Bug Gps Global Locator Tracker From Newerton, $28.15 | Dhgate.Com
USB cable with builtin SIM card enabled mic bug, but it's also calling out to some Alibaba rental server so your mileage may vary...
surveillance  hardware  electronics  devices  USB  cable  hidden  GSM  microphone  mic 
november 2017 by asteroza
Open Source Mobile Communications
Facebook OpenCellular seems to have roots in OpenBTS, rather than this.
opensource  software  GSM  cellular  basestation  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
Connected Living
GSMA laying down the law on cellular IoT security
GSMA  IoT  security  guideline  reference  information  trust  root  model  GSM  cellular  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
U2opia Mobile
Another dumbphone information gateway service, using an underlying phone protocol USSD, similar to SMS.
SMS  USSD  GSM  text  data  mobile  information  gateway  dumbphone  service  services  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Nuand | bladeRF Software Defined Radio
Can now run OpenBTS, so now even you can run a fake cellphone tower to trick your friends!
bladeRF  USB  SDR  dongle  hardware  electronics  devices  research  RF  software  defined  radio  OpenBTS  GSM  base  station  hacking  security  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Power Pwn (Pre-order) | Pwnie Express
Appears to use a SheevaPlug for internals. Evil little beastie for pentesting, but I kinda doubt you can get some employee to pick one up in a parking lot and plug it into the corporate network, especially since it has a suspicious form factor/weight for a found object. But, send it in a nice box t someone, and they will probably plug it right in...
SheevaPlug  ettercap  dsniff  hydra  nmap  SSLstrip  aircrack  kismet  metasploit  debian  120V  802.11N  802  802.11g  802.11b  802.11  bluetooth  ethernet  wifi  GSM  3G  wireless  access  remote  devices  electronics  hardware  intrusion  hacking  audit  strip  security  power  pentest  testing  penetration  PwnieExpress  PowerPwn  Delicious 
july 2012 by asteroza
The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend from the Skies - Technology Review
Oh this is EVIL, which is why I love this. Wanna be a contract UAV driver for shadowy eastern european mafia groups, right out some Gibson novel? The added trick is the tradeoff between transit/loiter time while in VTOL mode, and long duration ops during a perching fixed/landed mode.
WaSP  AR.Drone  3G  GSM  wifi  wireless  roaming  attack  drone  hacking  security  botnet  remote  control  out-of-band  secondary  channel  hardware  electronics  devices  UAV  MAV  UAS  research  stalker  automated  warflying  wardriving  perch  perching  mobile  accesspoint  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Portable Rotary Phone - Black - SparkFun Electronics
Kinda freaky in a way. Leaving it plugged into wall power could be the best of both worlds, as it would emulate the ability of traditional landline phones to operate during power outages, at least until the battery runs out.
humor  retro  portable  mobile  rotary  phone  telephone  GSM  SIM  card  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Gov't to allot 2 'platinum frequency bands' to cell phone operators › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
So softbank FINALLY might get a low frequency band to fix their radio penetration problems? Or will NTT and KDDi do a bait and switch and screw them over? Getting stuff in the 900MHz would fit in well with an overall plan for acquiring foreign cellphone models with little to no modifications to the hardware, since that's an original GSM band for voice and SMS communications, which would help Softbank enourmously since they have a reputation for dropped calls. It would also improve battery life since it's a lower power mode than operating at UMTS 3G at much higher frequencies. You would still need to use UMTS 3G for data if you want high speed downloads though. COnsidering Vodaphone did the original network deployment, I bet there is a lot of legacy GSM gear that could be activated with a simple software switch.
japan  Softbank  900MHz  900  MHz  platinum  frequency  band  allocation  spectrum  GSM  cellphone  mobile  phone  radio  government  license  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza
ホームアンテナFT | SoftBank
I think this is the other freebie Softbank femtocell service, but it isn't obvious to me if this can use your own home brandband service (ie any ISP provider and any line, ADSL or fiber), or if it still requires a softbank exclusive ADSL line...
softbank  home  antenna  3G  GSM  femtocell  basestation  accesspoint  service  subscription  mobile  phone  network  iPhone  Delicious 
august 2010 by asteroza
ラインナップ・仕様 | b-mobile WiFi
Some new mobile router gateway using GSM/HSDPA/HSUPA, SIM lock free.
b-mobile  japan  mobile  router  gateway  wifi  3G  GSM  HSUPA  HSDPA  cellhpone  phone  wireless  accesspoint  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza朝日新聞社):ソフトバンク、ケータイ基地局を倍増 10年度 - ビジネス・経済
Softbank commits to using the basestation facilities of Willcom to expand it's GSM network. Willcom PHS antennas are practical everywhere in urban japan (PHS usually had some range/shadow issues so Willcom had a huge number of basestations, as well as pico/femto cells inside buildings, both as independent equipment put in with the permission of building owners, and as part of shared internal PBX infrastructure with contracted businesses). Having the basestations solves a lot of problems for Softbank, as relicensing an existing station is not that expensive, and the station already exists with necessary backhaul infrastructure and power. There is the capital outlay of installing all that GSM equipment, and considering the current technology generation, Softbank is probably considering 4G/LTE or 4G/LTE upgrade ready equipment.
Softbank  japan  GSM  basestation  PHS  willcom  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza - Accessories for USB Gadgets, PC, iPhone / iPod, PDA / Phone Accessories, Charger, Bike / Car Mounts
dual SIM card adater and auxiliary battery for iPhone, but considering reports that the SIM card slot is very tight on the 3G/3GS, I wonder if you can really squeeze the adapter circuit in there. At least there's no cutting of the SIM cards, and there's an app to swap which card is active.
iPhone  auxiliary  battery  dual  GSM  SIM  card  adapter  case  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
september 2009 by asteroza
Dual SIM Card adaptor Platinum 3G HSDPA EDGE GSM
standalone dual GSM SIM card adapter for iPhone, requires cutting original SIM cards, and probably a jailbroken iPhone to switch between them
iPhone  dual  GSM  SIM  card  adapter  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
september 2009 by asteroza
Zypad WR1100 Rugged Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer
Slowly but surely getting there for wrist PC's, aside from the whole user interface issues (single handed typing, etc). Cue bad joke about ARM CPU...
mobile  portable  linux  SD  touchscreen  wifi  bluetooth  computing  wireless  zigbee  card  modem  GSM  PC  computer  GPS  cellphone  wearable  802.15.4  microSD  compass  ARM  GPRS  Zypad  wrist  Parvus  WR1100  302.11  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza

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