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Ceres Tag – GeoTagging Livestock Management
Getting past the Internet of Cows joke, a solar smart tag with long range IoT capability is interesting for maintaining a herd. Now sprinkle some blockchain and you will get the VC's to come running...
smart  ear  tag  livestock  tracking  monitoring  agriculture  IoT  remote  GPS  health  hardware  electronics  devices 
november 2018 by asteroza
Raw GNSS Measurements  |  Android Developers
post 2016 Android Oreo devices can now do CyberLocator?
android  GPS  GNSS  security  CyberLocator 
september 2018 by asteroza
Now this is interesting! Android might be able to output carrier phase angle and other raw GNSS data. This is the basis for cyberlocator, the location security concept that used raw GPS signal variance to confirm location relative to a datacenter GPS receiver (intended for determining is someone was actually in the same region as a datacenter)
android  app  software  OS  system  GNSS  GPS  raw  data  signal  information  reference  CyberLocator 
september 2018 by asteroza
VPNFilter EXIF to C2 mechanism analysed - Securelist
Using GPS coordinates in JPEG EXIF as a source of C2 IP's is sneaky
malware  C2  JPEG  EXIF  GPS  encoding 
may 2018 by asteroza
Software Defined GPS: Paul Breed Rocket Test Flight Data #4: SoftGNSS
SDR based GPS may be a cheaper way to get space capable GPS, and purchase is effectively unrestricted, so ITAR and friends won't help. Makes higher speed/altitude home grown cruise missiles a thing now, beyond the civil GPS altitude/speed cutoffs.
GPS  SDR  software  research  space  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
Why GPS makes distances bigger than they are - International Journal of Geographical Information Science -
So using distance caculated from point fixes results in over-distance error accumulation, particularly when moving. So, use velocity vectors and back calculate from that, since the doppler calculations seem better.
GPS  distance  overmeasurement  error  bug  GIS  cartography  mapping  geolocation  research  Delicious 
november 2015 by asteroza
Working on centimeter scale GPS augmentation through novel antenna design plus software postprocessing. Working with Samsung for cellphone applications.
CDGNSS  GNSS  GPS  antenna  hardware  software  research  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
GNSS Radar
Service for predicting availability of GPS/GNSS sats to see how high in accuracy your navigation might be.
GPS  availability  GNSS  prediction  forecast  service  UAV  drone  RC  tools  utilities  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
TopNTP - Android Apps on Google Play
Highly tweaked NTP and aGPS settings to accelerate GPS lock.
android  app  software  GPS  aGPS  qualcomm  root  nexus  Delicious 
february 2015 by asteroza
GeoCodex • Home
Ha, a real life La+ system! But seriously, a trusted citadel verification system as a form of authentication token isn't a bad idea if you can protect against GPS spoofing, see CyberLocator.
GeoCodex  geo-encryption  GPS  location  position  route  encryption  trusted  citadel  token  security  cryptography  CyberLocator  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
Microsoft Cloud-Offloaded GPS Experimental Kit - Microsoft Research
Interesting work on offloading GPS position calculations to a cloud server for Internet-of-Things type low power devices (which assumes those devices have communication capabilities...). So, with a good SDR chip lacking in in-built GPS capability (but suitable antenna), you could offload the computation elsewhere. I wonder if this could be used as for a location token type in a multifactor authentication system (trusted citadel confirmation), like the old proposed CyberLocator (which used raw GPS signal data sent to verification servers)?
cloud  computational  offload  GPS  sensing  location  position  determination  software  demo  IoT  internet-of-things  CyberLocator  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
PlanetIQ | Critical Data For A Smarter Planet
Private weather satellite constellation, using a GPS signal derived weather sensing techniques to form a cheap satellite constellation, likely using nanosats. I wonder if they will team up with SkyBox, or piggyback on Iridium-Next sats?
satellite  constellation  observation  GPS-RO  remote  space  sensing  private  nanosat  PlanetIQ  occultation  nanosatellite  weather  radio  earth  GPS  Delicious 
march 2013 by asteroza
inReach for Smartphones - DeLorme
Interesting little device, basically a text message only Iridium gateway device paired to smartphones. Offloads the obnoxious part of satellite telephone rigs (which tend to be large due to the antenna and/or are battery hogs).
DeLorme  Iridium  bluetooth  text  SMS  SOS  message  gateway  hardware  electronics  devices  outdoor  survival  gear  location  GPS  tracking  satellite  communication  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Twitter / @yongfook: Know what we need next? GP ...
Hrm, is there an RFC for that, or would this just be some defacto standard for x-headers? Something like lat/lon/alt with confidence circle/ellipse/spheroid radius? Is an inline regular timestamp sufficient, or do you want the real GPS timestamp? Better off just using the regular date header for time, especially for GPS denied environments? A marker indicating location data was available but not used, or that location data was unavailable?
LBS  location  GPS  RFC  header  email  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Constant connection
Interesting research about cellphone movement path prediction to optimize network connection handoff and connection power control, using the mobile unit (in this case a cellphone with GPS) to advertise to the base station its location so that a base station/cell network that is multi tower location aware and proactively handoff signals to other towers. This would be good in travel corridors such as public transit and highways where people are moving a lot. This would go hand in hand with that recent hardware announcement of base station tower hardware that offloads baseband calculations to a central datacenter, turning the entire cell network into a managed distributed antenna array, which by design will be at least location aware of its towers for cooperative forced handoff for load leveling in multi tower visible LoS situations. Sniffing the location information of endpoint devices, which is currently government mandated, to enhance the overall network capabilities is a logical step.
MIT  cellphone  wireless  mobile  phone  network  cell  signal  connection  handoff  optimization  location  tracking  GPS  track  path  prediction  predictive  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
Seems to be a GPS enabled site for access by iPhones, Android, and GPS equipped PC's, to show what rolling blackout area you are in and when the blackout will come.
japan  tokyo  earthquake  2011  rolling  blackout  map  location  LBS  GPS  information  service  iPhone  android  PC  online  Delicious 
march 2011 by asteroza
Recon next-gen GPS goggles eyes-on -- Engadget
Potentially usable as a AR HUD HMD for wearable computing since it's bluetooth/android based?
recon  instruments  GPS  goggles  HMD  LCD  head  mounted  display  monitor  Android  HUD  wearable  computing  bluetooth  survival  equipment  AR  hardware  electronics  devices  eyeware  fashion  skiing  apparel  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
Contour - GPS Video Camera and HD Helmet Camera
Apparently this thing has a bluetooth chip, so you can use an iPhone or android phone as a live remote viewfinder, to check where it is pointing.
contour  ContourGPS  helmet  head  mounted  video  camera  GPS  wireless  bluetooth  Android  iPhone  hardware  devices  remote  viewfinder  app  software  Delicious  electronics 
january 2011 by asteroza
Automated pickup by an autonomous taxi vehicle via an iPad app with GPS geolocating the requesting person's pickup point location
germany  automotive  technology  self  drive  driving  automated  computer  controled  AI  autonomous  autoNOMOS  automatic  taxi  pickup  iPad  cab  JohnnyCab  vehicle  transportation  demo  geolocation  GPS  Delicious 
october 2010 by asteroza
The SoBi lockbox prototype is up and running! A... - SoBi
Interesting cellphone network connected bicycle lock, equipped with GPS, to monitor bicycles used in a bicycle share program. While not impervious to assault/theft, this makes for a potentially far more useful sharing system since you are not functionally required to return bicycles exclusively to prepositioned bicycle storage/recharge/locking facilities. I wonder about the long term power issues of the battery powering the thing though. Maybe a forward wheel power generator dynamo to recharge the cellphone/lock computer?
SoBi  social  bicycle  sharing  GPS  cellphone  mobile  phone  lock  hardware  electronics  devices  antitheft  theft  vandalism  tracking  monitoring  vehicle  transportation  green  Delicious 
september 2010 by asteroza
Domino’s Pizza App Delivers Anywhere « Mobile in Japan
Being able to specify your current GPS location for the delivery destination through the iPhone is AWESOME
iPhone  app  software  Dominos  pizza  online  ordering  GPS  LBS  service  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
eMed-ID | Emergency Medical Information Devices
Looks a bit sleazy, considering it's going after both a captured audience and talks about franchise opportunities, but conceptually, it's a bridge service/concept. Having an easy to wear USB device that contains relevant medical and ID information on people who require extended medical services (the seriously sick, the infirm elderly, and the mentally weakening elderly) is a great idea, provided the information is both securable and easily accessible. Adding GPS/geofence services to catch alzheimer's escapees is a nice value-addin.
eMed-ID  USB  device  medical  information  ID  records  GPS  geofence  hardware  electronics  devices  service  Delicious 
september 2009 by asteroza
Here Say
iPhone app to leave a virtual geocache style message at a specific location via GPS
iPhone  app  software  geolocation  location  aware  position  message  virtual  data  information  geocaching  LBS  GPS  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza
Zypad WR1100 Rugged Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer
Slowly but surely getting there for wrist PC's, aside from the whole user interface issues (single handed typing, etc). Cue bad joke about ARM CPU...
mobile  portable  linux  SD  touchscreen  wifi  bluetooth  computing  wireless  zigbee  card  modem  GSM  PC  computer  GPS  cellphone  wearable  802.15.4  microSD  compass  ARM  GPRS  Zypad  wrist  Parvus  WR1100  302.11  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza
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