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Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population | Scientific Reports
Apparently, Yale researchers found that GM mosquitoes released by Oxitec in brazil did not die off as promised by the company, and in fact survived, creating transgenic wild bugs and hybrid bugs with the local bugs. The company is now on a PR offensive to squash this report.
GM  genetic  engineering  controls  FAIL  escape  transgenic 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Convenience rollup update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Apparently a bug with this patch nukes VMware VMXNET3 adapters by replacing them with an identical network card but returned to default settings. Which means any static IP servers just went DHCP. Plus a VBscript to fix this seems lame... but this is the major rollup patch you should have so...
bug  fail  microsoft  windows  7  2008R2  VMware  NIC  network  card  static  IP  DHCP  VMXNET3  sysadmin  tips  tricks  networking  rollup  patch 
march 2018 by asteroza
BitLocker can't encrypt drives because of service crashes in svchost.exe process in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
Asus motherboards with UEFI secure boot can cause 7 to fail to boot, with the red screen of death, because 7 can't actually use secure boot
fail  windows  update  patch  bitlocker  UEFI  secure  boot  7  support  RSOD  broken  motherboard  ASUS  encryption  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Yeah, those encrypted hard drives might have a problem, especially if part of the key is easily retrievable off the HDD...
hardware  encryption  chip  implementation  security  FAIL  research  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
TSA FAIL for using a lock system that depends on obscurity of the master keys...
DHS  TSA  travel  luggage  lock  master  key  3D  printing  fabbing  file  FAIL  Delicious 
september 2015 by asteroza
Association for the Study of Failure
NPO dedicated to studying failure in its many forms. Lead guy was on one of the Fukushima review commissions.
fail  failure  analysis  NPO  education  learning  management  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
DHS social media monitoring handbooks | Muckrock
Via a FOIA request, DHS' social media monitoring manuals. Let us count the fails...
DHS  social  media  monitoring  listeningpost  manual  information  reference  keyword  analysis  FAIL  FOIA  Delicious 
march 2014 by asteroza
au one
You have to call KDDI to opt-out of their Android targeted advertising. CALL, as in you have to do the support center, talk to a human thing. What a pack of FAIL.
fail  opt-out  advertisement  advertising  ad  targeted  android  Auone  Au  KDDI  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
Q&A;: 64-Bit Internet Explorer - EricLaw's IEInternals - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Basically, you can't make 64bit IE the default, because as usual, makers don't make 64bit stuff.
default  browser  fail  microsoft  64bit  IE  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Japanese government wants to build 'back-up' Tokyo (Wired UK)
Follow the money, since this smells like pork to keep Itami airport afloat. Unfortunately, the normally sane option of just setting up in Osaka proper faces NIMBY issues for land allocation, and there is something to be said for a green field facility, provided it is actually done right. I don't expect it to be done right though, since that is usually very ugly, and japanese people have become overly concerned about outward appearances these days. Also, what took them so long? The Hanshin earthquake should have been enough to show the need for government continuity facilities, but no one did jack then. It takes a real rumbler felt in Tokyo to get them to move? Typical reactive behavior.
japan  government  backup  recovery  facility  site  city  continuity  IRTBBC  Itami  airport  Tokyo-2  Tokyo2  fail  business  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Fuel cells, solar little help in blackouts : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)
So those double hybrid setup Ene-farm fuelcell and solar panel rigs that TEPCO and Tokyo gas have been pimping for the last two years for home use are functionally useless during a blackout because they were designed only as electrical consumption reduction measures and not backup/offgrid power sources. I think my friend described it in one word very well; FAIL.
TEPCO  Tokyo  gas  ENE-FARM  Enefarm  natural  methane  fuelcell  power  generator  green  energy  fail  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
Why Architects Drink
There are reasons student architects call it architorture...
humor  blog  architecture  career  reality  architorture  fail  architect  Delicious 
august 2010 by asteroza

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