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New one stop shop for getting payloads onto SpaceRider, a new european reusable science capsule
ESA  europe  EU  SpaceRider  reusable  science  capsule  space  payload  ridealong 
june 2018 by asteroza
– Home - AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH
Apparently these guys have good end of life performance for multijunction cells
multijunction  CPV  solar  PV  cell  power  generator  ESA  europe  EU  space 
june 2018 by asteroza
Callisto, un démonstrateur de lanceur réutilisable à l'horizon 2020
Huh, ESA Callisto reusable rocket demonstrator to be built in Japan, using a japanese hydrolox engine?
ESA  Callisto  reusable  rocket  japan 
april 2018 by asteroza
"Hello, I am CIMON!"
So this is basically SPHERES with a screen, a better processor, and some language smarts courtesy of IBM Watson.
ESA  mobile  zeroG  assistant  ISS  space  technology  AI  IBM  Watson  companion  robot  robotics  telerobotics  avatar  telepresence 
march 2018 by asteroza
Optimization of a wall-less Hall thruster
So they turned the magnet poles and shapes the anode to match the magnetic field lines, so the anode doesn't get eroded away like a typical hall effect thruster
wallless  hall  thruster  electric  space  propulsion  research  technology  france  ESA  shaped  anode  Delicious 
october 2015 by asteroza
Interesting low mass closed loop fuecell/electrolyzer stack as a battery alternative.
ESA  low  mass  fuelcell  electrolyzer  electrolysis  closed  loop  energy  storage  battery  alternative  space  research  technology  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
march 2015 by asteroza
Miniature switch-mode power transformers
Zaptec apparently developed a high power, high current transformer that is super compact for running a plasma channel drill.
ESA  Zaptec  switching  mode  transformer  high  power  current  electropulse  plasma  channel  drill  hardware  electronics  devices  research  technology  drillbit  space  mining  drilling  Delicious 
march 2015 by asteroza
3D printing tungsten » The Unwanted Blog
Interesting comment about using 3D printing to create specialty engineered alloys, specifically silver impregnated tungsten for better heat conductivity internally to avoid localized melting on tungsten rocket nozzle throats. In this application, it wouldn't be a conventional casted alloy, nor would it be a gradient mixed/poured alloy either, but perhaps a design specific 3D spacial gradient? Or would you be doing the design equivalent of embedding a heat pipe of sorts in the tungsten for short range directed heat transfer?
technology  alloy  silver  EU  printing  space  research  ESA  propulsion  AMAZE  tungsten  metal  rocket  infusion  3D  throat  fabbing  insert  nozzle  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
3D printing for space: the additive revolution / Research / Human Spaceflight / Our Activities / ESA
ESA's AMAZE project, to work on very high end 3D printing of complex aerospace parts. Looks like they are targeting titanium and tungsten alloys.
manufacturing  europe  technology  fabrication  EU  printing  space  ESA  research  production  AMAZE  3D  fabbing  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
ACT-RPR-NPS-1107-NTER-paper-final - ACT-RPR-PRO-1107-LS-NTER.pdf
NTER, a nuclear thermal electric rocket design. Uses LH2 propellant to cool a helium brayton cycle turbine fed by a NTR that heats hydrogen and helium, then tries to supercharge the supersonic nozzle exhaust with an induction loop (which seems to require cesium seeding in the exhaust??). Also has optional oxygen feed, to emulate LANTRN. Seems like you could do better with the NTR feeding a VASIMR though...
cycle  technology  turbine  thermal  electric  induction  acceleration  LH2  space  ESA  research  propulsion  brayton  nuclear  LANTRN  rocket  loop  generator  power  helium  NETR  LOx  augmented  nozzle  MHD  Delicious  aerojet  NTR  NERVA  bimodal  thrust  heating  turboinductor  turbo-inductor  NTER  supercharger  turbocharger  augmentation  heater  resistance  ohmic  inductive 
september 2013 by asteroza
Smartphone app turns home drone into spacecraft / Technology / Our Activities / ESA
ESA is crowdsourcing human controlled docking guidance behavior/data for training AI docking systems, by using AR.drones and an iOS app.
iPad  AR.Drone  app  software  iPhone  AR  technology  docking  spacecraft  space  research  ESA  Delicious 
april 2013 by asteroza
ESA Portal - Hypergravity helping aircraft fly further
Interesting use of high gravity centrifuges rather than high pressure press forges to cast advanced superalloys.
strength  lightweight  ESA  alloy  superalloy  aluminide  titanium  research  technology  metallurgy  science  materials  casting  metal  hypergravity  pressure  gravity  high  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
ESA - GOCE - Satellite
Possible reference satellite design for a PHARO ramdiver.
ESA  GOCE  satellite  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Project Irene - IRENE Program
Umbrella methodology for a deployable high surface area heatshield. Early research way back at the start of the space age had concepts using steel meshes for the umbrella skin, with some configurations not umbrella shaped, bat rather more like a shuttlecock or fluted glass.
EU  europe  italy  ESA  space  reentry  research  deployable  umbrella  heatshield  aerospace  technology  IRENE  Delicious 
october 2011 by asteroza

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