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Slightly insane airborne hydroelectric powerplant. The idea is to use a tethered blimp holding a fog/dew/cloud catching screen to grab water from air/clouds, with the tether doubling as a tube. The hydraulic head is non-trival, and can be shunted through through a water turbine to make power and recover the water for purification. If the generated power is enough, I suppose you could generate hydrogen gas on site for the blimps.
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august 2014 by asteroza
Flying colours: Rheinmetall successfully tests 50kW high-energy laser weapon
Looks like they did paired turrets based on Oerlikon Revolver Gun air defense turret chassis and integration, with one turret fitted with 3 10KW modules while the other had only 2 modules.
air  Oerlikon  turret  defense  military  weapon  directed  DEW  50KW  module  10KW  laser  energy  high  CRAM  Rheinmetall  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
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Building essentially solid state fog/dew/atmospheric humidity water harvesters using special surface coatings mimicking desert beetles. Now you too can be a Star Wars moisture farmer!
texture  pattern  micropattern  dehumidifier  agriculture  camping  hardware  gear  survival  coating  surface  nanotechnology  technology  research  science  materials  harvestor  water  dew  humidity  atmospheric  textured  nanotextured  hydrophillic  hydrophobic  biomimicry  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
Microwave Weaponry, High Power (HPM) - HPM capabilities, HPM uses
Interesting anecdote about using carbon graphite coils as part of of a high powered microwave weapon. Though it claims they generate the EMP, so is it a single shot pulsed power supply then?
carbon  graphite  coil  pulsed  pulse  power  geenrator  EMP  HPM  DEW  military  weapons  research  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
CHAMP - lights out (Video)
Interesting description. It implies a single missile, possibly a cruise missile, was firing multiple HPM EMP DEW beams/bursts at multiple targets. Which implies that it's a multishot DEW weapon, so it probably isn't using a flux compression generator for the power source (as it would self destruct). Raytheon Ktech makes pulsed power systems, so clearly an interesting pulsed power source is onboard.
Raytheon  Boeing  energy  directed  DEW  attack  devices  electronics  hardware  microwave  HPM  EMP  military  weapon  missile  counterelectronics  CHAMP  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
General Atomics Tests Thermal Energy Storage Device for Directed Energy Weapons
A psuedo regenerative setup, recovering waste heat from directed energy weapons for reuse, while cooling the weapon at the same time
general  atomics  PCM  phase  change  material  materials  science  research  technology  thermal  energy  storage  cooling  DEW  directed  weapon  military  recovery  scavenging  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza

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