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Colfax CXT8100 GPU Server
Big motherboard with space for 8 doublewide x16 GPGPU Tesla cards from Nvidia. Seems the motherboard/chassis may be of Tyan origin.
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september 2012 by asteroza
TYAN - FM65B5511 (B5511F65X18-160V2R) 4U Server Barebones: Intel Xeon E3-1200, i3-2100 series processors, LGA 1155
Very high density server that sort of competes with true blade server chassis setups on cost. But, the TDP limit of 45W basically cripples this for high power computing.
Tyan  high  density  server  microserver  blade  hardware  devices  4U  18  Delicious  electronics 
march 2012 by asteroza
HP Project Moonshot hurls ARM servers into the heavens • The Register
Interesting talk here, including the practical limit of 4000 Hadoop nodes (32bit address issue), and rigging this up with 4GB of RAM per node (general limit for a 32bit processor not using PAE). The rules will change when those 64bit ARM chips come out though.
HP  Calxeda  ARM  multicore  blade  cluster  server  4U  hardware  electronics  devices  cloud  computing  32bit  Hadoop  performance  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
YM4UB7015 - 4U SSD GPU ready Server 28" Depth intel Xeon 5600 series Dual sockets 1366 2400W redundant power supply
It might be possible to get this as a motherboard only. But it looks like a Colfax CXT8000 GPU server that's been OEM'd, and even they don't sell the bare motherboard...
GPU  server  hardware  electronics  devices  4U  x16  8  16  SLOT  PCIe  PCIexpress  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
Overview | Nexsan E60 | By Name | Products | Nexsan
Nice high density storage hardware, but a pity about the setup. RAID6 isn't going to save you from bitrot, and it only gets worse as the disk size goes up since spinning hard disk sustained access speeds have topped out around 125MB/sec, but disk sizes are going over 2TB now so restriping an array is an exercise in patience. AutoMAID is interesting, but that's really only applicable when using certain storage access styles and filesystems. Also note that it requires a 1.2m (48 inches!) depth rack (most racks are 32-36 inches!). Too bad I can't stuff Nexenta into this directly, though I suppose stringing it up via 10Gbit iSCSI to a Nexenta head wouldn't be too bad...
devices  Nexsan  E60  4U  60  disk  SATA  SAS  storage  server  appliance  iSCSI  fibre  channel  FC  SFP  LC  hardware  Delicious  electronics 
march 2011 by asteroza

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