windows - NTFS performance and large volumes of files and directories - Stack Overflow
so fragmented folder indexes and excessive name similarity causing short name collisions will drag you down
NTFS  file  system  performance  tuning  folder  index  8.3  short  name  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
53 minutes ago
Contig - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
So this may fix/improve the performance of folders which have heavily fragmented file indexes. Do by naming the path to the folder itself with contig -a
windows  NTFS  performance  tuning  defrag  file  index  sysadmin  tips  tricks  tools  utilities  filesystem  fragmentation 
58 minutes ago
UUP dump
Forcibly grabbing windows update files
windows  update  standalone  file  download  link  search  engine  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
1 hour ago
Windows 10 Version 1909 build 18363.448 ISO Download
how to force upgrade to 1909 if the ISO isn't working out well
windows  10  1909  upgrade  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
1 hour ago
公共交通オープンデータ協議会 | オープンデータで新しい公共交通サービスを
SOme sort of hackathon contest thing for big open data in japan. Recent example being a realime train/subway visualization
japan  open  data  challenge  contest  hackathon  webdev  mobile  smartphone  app  software  programming  development 
2 hours ago
Mini Tokyo 3D
Wow, using open MLIT and other data sources, a realtime view of the trains in Tokyo
tokyo  live  realtime  train  subway  visualization  japan 
2 hours ago
openzfsonwindows/ZFSin: OpenZFS on Windows port
Apparently a non-suck ZFS file system driver (for Windows 10)
windows  10  ZFS  filesystem  driver 
3 hours ago
dominicusin/zfs-win: Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/zfs-win
windows ZFS file system driver, put has pool version 28 compatibility issues? Needs Dokan
windows  ZFS  filesystem  driver 
3 hours ago
boom.fyi - ipfs link shortener
Semi-secure file sharing via IPFS and self-destructing links
one  time  link  URL  IPFS  self  destruct  security  file  sharing 
3 hours ago
hashmatter/p3lib: privacy preserving primitives and protocols (p3) for routing and messaging in P2P networks
some sort of overlay privacy extension to stick on top of a P2P layer, but to be honest that usually doesn't end well...
P2P  network  privacy  anonymity  security 
4 hours ago
WorldBrain/storex: Storex Core - A modular and portable database abstraction ecosystem for JavaScript
Memex local storage layer, with the intention of being a portable and somewhat universal personal knowledge store
storage  layer  software 
4 hours ago
Ethereum Name Service
ENS is like DNS for IPFS, though linked to an ethereum codebase
ENS  domain  name  system  service  ethereum  IPFS 
4 hours ago
mozilla/libdweb: Extension containing an experimental libdweb APIs
Still not merged with mainline firefox, but the beginnings of native IPFS support in Firefox are here
mozilla  firefox  experiemntal  API  webAPI  distributed  decentralized  web  access  library  IPFS 
4 hours ago
ugh blockchain, but that dat protocol though
dat  protocol  decentralized  P2P  network 
4 hours ago
WorldBrain/Memex: Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history & bookmarks.
A browser plugin/SaaS knowledge engine service called Memex, that indexes the contents of pages you visit. So you can not only search in the browser natively from URL history, but full text search from the contents of those URL's as well. Seems to use webRTC for sync between your instances?
browser  extension  webAPI  fulltext  text  history  bookmark  search  URL  content 
4 hours ago
google/riegeli: Riegeli/records is a file format for storing a sequence of string records, typically serialized protocol buffers.
Seems like a protobuf storage layer? seekable compression format is nice, but is this for warm/cold storage of an event stream?
sequential  string  record  file  storage  format  protobuf  logging 
5 hours ago
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