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Toyota's Top Female Executive Resigns After Arrest : The Two-Way : NPR
[crony capitalism and Wall Street chews them up and spits them out without regard ] // Toyota in a statement today said Hamp resigned Tuesday, and the company accepted her resignation "after considering the concerns and inconvenience that recent events have caused our stakeholders." As Scott reported June 19, "A total of 57 pills were discovered by Japanese customs officials on June 11 inside a package that Hamp mailed to herself from Kentucky, declaring the contents to be a necklace." Oxycodone is legal in the U.S. with a prescription. Hamp, who was arrested June 18, has denied the charges. She told authorities she did not think she had imported an illegal substance, police said. Prosecutors must decide whether to indict Hamp by July 8. She is in detention, but has not been charged with a crime.
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BBC Sport - World Cup 2014: Brazil cracked up, says Germany's Joachim Low
w/o Thiago Silva, Luiz was incapable 2 pickup Leadership role, commanding, directing, organising the game. It wasnt just Neymar missing. It was a team w/o leadership. Youve got 11 world players on both sides. But a team w/o a leader, vision, direction, playbook is a incomplete team. A house of cards that was the Brazilian Team, (many around 1-2 key players - philosophy) fell apart. + "Scolari bounded off the team coach wearing a white "Forca Neymar" baseball cap while captain David Luiz and goalkeeper Julio Cesar held up his number 10 shirt during the national anthem. Fine sentiments perhaps, but also a sign of overwrought emotions, of the pressure of playing without their superstar and the doubts that exposed. The constant hugging and team bonding smacked more of insecurity and posturing. Germany in contrast were cold, clinical, magnificent." + "the trophy doesnt say great team, it says 'winners.'"
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What is shameful is not being a victim of violence, or having a termination as a result, or receiving threats, or falling apart, but instead being a complicit part of a society that says that victims should remain silent and hide the crimes of others, as well as their own frailties. It is not a society I want my daughter to grow up in, and if I want to change the way it works, speaking out myself is the first step.
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Dowd, Brynjolfsson, Chanos on U.S. Credit Rating Cut - YouTube
Obama is no executive, no leader. background as legislator, falls too often in this role, not helping bring things forward. Set the agenda. weakness
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Route to Recovery a Long, Global March at
"The stock market is divorced from economic reality," a bearish David Rosenberg reminded readers in an Oct. 13 report. To Rosenberg, chief economist at Gluskin Sheff, the parade of positive reports for the key third-quarter earnings season is a matter of nominal success, not a sign of recovery.
Barry Knapp, U.S. strategist at Barclays Capital, said earnings will look good, but only because government stimulus money is fueling a rally.
"While Fed-supplied liquidity remains the most important determinant of equity prices, in our view, we know that investors will spend the next three weeks immersed in earnings season and many will be looking for top-line revenue growth," he wrote Wednesday. "We believe that top-line growth will be hard to come by at the market level. However, we should see some evidence of revenue generation in the early-cycle sectors, financials and consumer discretionary, though we expect the growth to be slow over the next four quarters."
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