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More patients in Scotland given antidepressants - BBC News
814,181 patients in 2014/15. Since 2009/10, use of antidepressants has increased by 28.5%. Two-thirds of the patients given the drugs were women, with use peaking in the 50-54 age group. The figures indicated antidepressant use was associated with deprivation. They recorded 225,969 patients in the poorest parts of Scotland receiving the drugs, compared with 110,507 in the least deprived areas. The total cost of antidepressants to the NHS in Scotland was £40.8m. The use of lower-cost drugs means this figure has fallen by one-third over the past 10 years. [...] "We are now looking at the flabbergasting statistic of more than one in seven people in Scotland being prescribed antidepressants this year. [...] "The fact that we have seen such substantial increases in prescriptions raises real concerns over whether this reflects shortages in other services, //&! - doubling in 10 years from 10 to 20 million daily doses for NHS Grampian [...] without other forms of treatment.
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The more you pursue happiness, the faster it runs from you | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian
Psychologist Iris Mauss at the University of California, Berkley found that the pursuit of happiness might just leave you worse off. “Wanting to be happy can make you less happy,” said Mauss in an interview with “If you explicitly and purposely focus on happiness, that appears to have a self-defeating quality.” [...] In her studies, participants who were not happy would begin blaming themselves for feeling sad. They thought it was an immediate flag for their failure, making these negative feelings even more counter-productive. The people who accepted these negative feelings as normal, however, were much happier in the long run. So, accepting your sadness could actually make you feel good. [...] For Darwin, emotions were very much tied to surviving, which requires more than just happiness. [...] Be open about how you’re feeling, don’t try to hide behind it or conceal it. // &! keeping a diary talking to and about yourself compassionately.
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How to Find Fulfilling Work - YouTube
& we think we are free to choose. but in reality, we only can and have to choose from a set given options to us. // you don't need to ask for permission // the deathbed - eulogy - is the ultimate criteria (to judge) - see David Brooks book 'The Road to Character.'
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Henrik Müller über Wirtschaftswachstum 2014: Die Pessimisten sind los - SPIEGEL ONLINE
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BBC News - Queen's Speech: Good deeds 'to be backed by law'
Extra legal protection is to be given to people carrying out good deeds, volunteering or planning local events who end up being involved in liability claims, the government has announced. Those thinking of doing something to help others should not be put off by the risk of being sued, ministers said. Under the new law for England and Wales, judges will be urged to show leniency in cases that get to court. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote I want a society where common sense is the order of the day, and I believe this measure will help us get there”
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Syrische Flüchtlinge: Sie werden weitgehend auf sich gestellt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
wieso kann man nicht eine syrische familie adoptieren, und persoehnlich helfen? wieso macht das keiner? hyper local web app for adoption program. ... >>> Martha Nussbaum: "To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control." ( ) || + a sprinkle of fear and illinformed/educated about other forms of Religion than Christianity -,_anti-national,_and_anti-ethnic_terms#Anti-religious_terms || Deutsche gesellschaft ist nicht so weltoffen wie es sich gerne gibt. Bloss nicht vor meiner hausstuer. +++
Syrien  Syria  war  refugee  refugee  Germany  Politics  bureaucracy  civil  society  social  society  ethics  morals  Mensch  NGO  Non-Profit  philanthropy  volunteering  volunteer  diversity  German  Weltfremd  Weltschmerz  Buerger  Bürger  civil  participation  human  tragedy  human  rights  humanrights  humanity  human  being  Philosophy  social  science  uncertainty  globalisation  globalization  openness  To  The  World  Community  Europe  Xenophobia  Xenophobic  imigrants  imigaration  gesellschaft  civic  life  civic  society  Alltagsrassismus  everyday  racism  filter  filters  prejudice  stereotype  Label  Boxes  snap  judgement  bias  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  pluralistic  society  society  civic  good  plurality  pluralism 
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