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Staff Exodus, Pressure From Microsoft, Apple Hit Google Now | Re/code
According to multiple sources, their initial vision of Now — as a mobile assistant tailored to particular users — works best living on the mobile operating system, not within search. Also, Google is a political place and search is Congress. Big, necessary, stodgy. [...] “‘Look, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Chrome and Android are my top priorities. Google Now is not on that. I can’t fight that battle for you.’” [...] Apple, for its part, looks prepared to launch a competitor to Now on Tap. With its proactive assistant and spotlight search, the Apple entry could elbow Google out. // // Amazon released a (SW/HW)PA for the living room, Apple got Siri & just recently launched its own integrated search engine called "Spotlight" & Google released Google Now (voice activated search in response to Siri) and at last Google I/O, Now on Tap [ Now on Tap will solve app developers’ nagging issue with discovery. ] And FB just came out w an assistant product for Messenger. // &!
Google  Inc.  Google  Google  Search  Android  Google  Now  augmented  intelligence  Siri  Apple  iOS  Sundar  Pichai  personal  assistant  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Big  Data  user  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Facebook  Messenger  Platform  convenience  on-demand  user  behaviour  friction  frictionless  voice  recognition  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  mobile  phone  Smartphone  Facebook  Appification  Silo  content  discovery  discovery  distribution  model  App  discovery  Apple  App  Store  Google  Play 
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DO I SOUND GAY? on Vimeo
FINDING YOUR VOICE - Do I Sound Gay? // last vestige of internalised homophobia, how one sounds and speaks - the stereotype, bias, prejudice of being gay
LGBT  homophobic  homosexuality  Homophobia  stereotype  bias  prejudice  Vorurteil  Vorurteile  voice  voice  therapy  hate  speech  hate  crime  social  discrimination 
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Newsweek Feature Stories: The Future of Branding - YouTube
+ << democratisation of voice, KPI - social following, influence, engagement, ... currency is respect; long-term view/long-term thinking - domain knowledge - domain expertise. ... long-form content << measure of quality. not just instagram snaps. differentiation. standing out from the noise. the constant bombardment (( full video -
brand  Personal  brands  branding  Gary  Vaynerchuk  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  communication  PR  public  relations  barriers  to  entry  democratisation  voice  blog  bloggers  Blogger  Blogging  domain  knowledge  domain  expertise  bullshit  detector  peopleship  peoples  power  Instagram  publishing  self-publishing  publishing  2.0  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  Hustle  quality  engagement  Social  Media  differentiation  differentiate  noise  signal  vs.  digital  natives  digital  economy  digital  content 
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