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Warum die Thighbrows auf Instagram auf die Thigh Gap folgen - Style - bento
Bye, Thigh Gap. [Hi] Thighbrows. [ superficial world that Social Media created. ] Es handelt sich dabei um das Haut- und Fettröllchen, das an der Falte zwischen Bein und Po – also an der Hüfte – entsteht, wenn man kniet, sitzt oder sich nach vorne beugt. Moment. Hat das nicht jeder? [...] Doch, nur ist die individuell mal mehr, mal weniger ausgeprägte Thighbrow in den meisten Fällen mit Kleidung verdeckt. Neu ist, dass hochausgeschnittene und eng anliegende Badeanzüge seit 2015 wieder getragen werden, und man die vergessene Körperstelle deshalb bald häufiger sehen wird. [... "hip cleavage" ...] [...] Durch die fotografisch festgehaltene Wiederholung avancieren gewisse Posen (Russenhocke, Fish Gape, Duck Face) zum nonverbalen Code, der ein gewisses Trendbewusstsein suggeriert, ohne explizit darauf hinzuweisen. Fotos spiegeln die Normen der Gesellschaft wider, brechen sie, spielen mit ihnen.
Social  Media  Selfie  Thighbrows  Trend  trends  Sexual  objectification  objectification  beauty  sickness  body  image  body  type  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  well  being  mental  health  superficial  Popular  Culture  Pop  Culture  mass  cultural  studies  cultural  study 
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Un-Retouched Photo of Cindy Crawford Leaks Online | TIME &! // - - // Marie Claire Mexico December 2013 originals. Will be republished in April issue // "An unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford from a three-year-old photo shoot is doing the rounds on the internet and has been described as a ground-breaker, when it's really nothing more than false advertising." [... this image was not published in the spread, even photoshopped ...] The only bit of flesh on display was her decolletage, which looks suspiciously smooth and supple.
Photoshop  body  image  body  type  beauty  industry  beauty  sickness  beauty  standard  beauty  Fashion 
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Lena Dunham calls in to The Howard Stern Show (1/16/13) - YouTube - Lena Dunham on Creating Characters - The New Yorker Festival - The New &! Lena Dunham: On Directing &! Howard Stern Lena Dunham interview 2014 - &! - Mindy Kaling on Being Called 'Ugly and Fat' On Social Media
Lena  Dunham  feminism  feminist  body  image  body  type  beauty  sickness  beauty  industry  beauty  standard  Girls  Mindy  Project  Entertainment  Fashion  Industy  Hollywood  Mindy  Kaling  Melissa  McCarthy 
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Why gym-toned men are a huge turn-off - Telegraph
Pratt told Glamour magazine, "I thought for a while I was going to make a career playing the fat friend… but doing Zero Dark Thirty [which required Pratt to lose weight] opened my eyes to the idea that I could be taken more seriously as a leading man character." It’s horrible but heartening to know that to some extent, Hollywood is a land of equality, and that men are under just as much pressure as women to maintain a certain body shape. But Pratt added, "Who knows, maybe [Guardians Of The Galaxy] will be the last movie I’ll be in shape for and then I’ll get fat again. My wife would appreciate it. She likes me fat." I’m with Anna Farris on this one.
Hollywood  body  type  body  image  Entertainment  Industry 
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Memo to my daughter: “Keep your eye on the ball and hit hard” | PandoDaily
What I love about Abramson’s [...] she’s named it, she’s owned it, but she doesn’t make herself a victim. She knows she lives in a sexist world and that makes her victories– and even her defeats– that much sweeter. This is how we should talk about women in the world. Not stupid debates about having it all. Taking the world as it exists, naming it, shrugging, and continuing to fight. // +++ // "entrenched short-sightedness and sexist cruelty of male-controlled media [...] Yay, thanks for some crumbs of enlightened thinking, for some slightly nuanced improvements in the daily, punishing business of publicly evaluating and then reevaluating women’s worth. [...] 'I don’t fucking care if you like it.' [...] Social Media [frictionless, not thinking twice or setting something aside for a day]. [Women's] life['s and worth's] are up for public evaluation. [To this day.]" +++
Jill  Abramson  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  feminism  feminist  stereotype  bias  prejudice  label  labels  boxes  masculinity  gender  politics  gender  policing  double  standard  double-standard  glass  ceiling  gender  inequality  gender  bias  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  non-conforming  gender  conforming  gender  discrimination  gender  role  gender  gap  society  social  science  parenthood  parenting  childhood  childhood  development  social  status  social  role  social  construct  Power  Play  abuse  of  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  entitlement  Privileged  privilege  judgement  body  image  body  type  gossip  culture  celebrity  culture  beauty  industry  beauty  standard  diversity  pluralistic  society  pluralism  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  self-belief  self-respect  Self-esteem  self-awareness  femininity  feminine  sexual  harassment  discrimination  racial  discrimination  Sex  Ed  education  Media  jock  culture  Campus  corporate  culture  Pop  Popular  Twerking  internet  culture  Public  Life  discourse  Religion  Public  Policy  education  judgment  judgment  Beyoncé  ethical  beliefs  moral  beliefs  ethics  personal  values  corporate  values  meritocratic  meritocracy 
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Dear Rebecca Adlington, they're the ugly ones | Laurie Penny | Comment is free | The Guardian
The recreational body-shaming of female celebrities matters to a great many people who look at what you have had to deal with and are reminded, with a familiar chill, that whatever women and girls achieve, we are nothing if we do not conform to society's demented definitions of beauty. We can't win. If we don't cram ourselves into those claustrophobic standards of physical perfection, we're called disgusting, but if we do, we're weak and shallow.
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  feminism  feminist  Rebecca  Adlington  nose  job  plastic  surgery  Gossip  celebrity  culture  Glossy  Magazine  social  society  social  science  social  study  Troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  body  type  body  image  society  western  society  gender  inequality  income  inequality  inequality  stereotype  gender  politics  gender  equality  gender  role  gender  policing  24/7  News  Cycle  Daily  Mail  conservative  press 
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▶ Elektrischer Reporter: Beruf Youtube - YouTube
1st part - YouTube Germany. 2nd Part - Anorexia: 50% 7-10yr teenagers did a diet. Magersucht oder Koerperhass ist die Kriegserfahrung der Generation der Jungen Frauen heutzutage. Es zerstoert lebenslaeufe. Es nimmt so viel Geistiges Kapital weg - zu denken das ihr Kapital ihr Koerper ist. Und da wird dann die arbeit und der ehrgeiz reingesteckt. + +
body  type  Magersucht  anorexia  body  image  beauty  industry  beauty  standard  western  lifestyle  western  society  western  diet  YouTube  beauty  image 
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