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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO) - YouTube
'The Spark of simmering tensions for decades.' || Jesse Jackson and Bernard Kerik on Ferguson - Newsnight ( ) + Cornel West on Missouri: "Obama reeks of political calculation not moral conviction" - Newsnight + NEWSNIGHT: Why is race such a problem in Ferguson? "St. Louis is a powder keg" & NO REPRESENTATION PROOF, marginalized population. No Short Cut possible as solution. + Rassismus-Debatte nach Ferguson: "Ich kämpfe bis zum Ende" || & "Nun müssten die politischen Entscheidungsträger aktiv werden, um das Rassismusproblem Amerikas ernsthaft anzugehen." + + Ferguson Justice System Is Discriminatory: Report || "moths" = defamation +++
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Drogenkonsum unter Jugendlichen: "Nur Loser stecken sich noch eine an" - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama
Bildungsforscher Klaus Hurrelmann: Mit Vernunft ist das nicht zu erklären, sondern mit einem neuen Lebensstil. Den Jugendlichen ist heutzutage körperliche Gesundheit, ausreichend Schlaf und ausgewogene Ernährung für ihr Wohlbefinden wichtig. Sie sind an einer konzentrierten Lebensführung interessiert und wollen leistungsfähig sein.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Wo hat dieser Trend seinen Ursprung?

Hurrelmann: Die Wirtschaftskrise um das Jahr 2000 hat den Heranwachsenden gezeigt, dass Sicherheit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt keine Selbstverständlichkeit mehr ist. Individuelle Leistungsfähigkeit wurde enorm wichtig, um bestehen zu können. Damals fand eine Trendwende in der allgemeinen Wertorientierung statt. Wir irrten uns mit der Annahme, die Zeit des Postmaterialismus' werde immer weitergehen. Die jungen Leute wandten sich stattdessen wieder traditionellen Werten zu. Sicherheit, Ordnung, Disziplin und Fleiß erleben seither eine Renaissance.
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Credit-Default Swap Risk Bomb Is Wired to Explode: Mark Buchanan - Bloomberg
The European nations are linked in a network of debts, as Bill Marsh recently illustrated in the New York Times with a beautiful piece of graphic art. Greece and Italy are prominent; Ireland, Portugal and Spain lurk ominously nearby. France and Germany seem exposed, too, as does the U.S.
The image is like a complex wiring diagram for a ticking debt bomb. Yet what it shows may be less important than what it leaves out: a largely invisible network of ties among institutions around the world, which could ultimately cause global financial chaos.
This hidden network has been created by institutions that buy and sell unregulated credit-default swaps. These are essentially insurance contracts on bonds; in the event of a default on the bond, the seller of the swap promises to pay the buyer the bond’s value.

The researchers showed that too much risk sharing can make it easy for distress to spread like a virus.
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Small Economies, Big Problems, and Global Interdependence - Kemal Dervis - Project Syndicate
As these examples indicate, however, systemic importance is not just a question of size. What matters is the interconnections that link a particular country, institution, or group of institutions (for example, Lehman Brothers and AIG) to the wider world economy.
Surveillance of systemic risk must proactively test and analyze these interconnections, and try to imagine the “hard to imagine.” After all, as we now know only too well, systemic risk can emerge in unexpected places.
Interdependence has become much more complex than it was even a decade ago. The IMF needs to be empowered to analyze the macroeconomic and macro-financial risks that have emerged, establish an early-warning system, and propose possible preemptive policy measures. The Fund’s almost universal membership and its staff’s technical expertise should enable it to carry out effective multilateral surveillance, ...  in everyone’s interest.

LTCM, Asia Crisis, Greece, Yemen, Politics, ...
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