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The smartphone is the new sun — Benedict Evans
In this light, incidentally, Satya Nadella's suggestion that Xbox is no longer core was as interesting as the end of 'Windows Everywhere' (which I discussed here). Microsoft has been working on adding computing to TV since before phones even had screens. But it turns out that it's the smartphone, not the TV, that's  the centre of the experience, and the TV is dumb glass just as the mobile network is a dumb pipe.
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Calm down, tech journalists: It’s okay if you don’t use Snapchat | PandoDaily
artificial limitations is the trend that emerged late out of the freeze box that was SV 2001-2005/6 ... artificial limitations ie 140 charachters, ephemeral content, <10s videos, Yo, (photo)filters, ... and anonymity within the echo chamber made Secret --- and the real world broke the idea. Hot deals emerge quickly within an echo chamber, even if it doesn't end world hunger or make it rain. // This is a new phase of SV companies and tech, question is, can anyone of these be sustainable long-term world wide as big and far as they are shouting (out of the echochamber) // as fascinated as the press at large is right now, there could be, looming on the horizon, a backlash from the general population, as their livelihoods are deeply affected (work, social, democracy, ... uncertainty. people don't like uncertainty and insecurity.)
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