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Alternatives Management: Vertrauen als Ressource für Unternehmen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Oft werben diejenigen am meisten darum, die unter Vertrauensverlust leiden. Denn tatsachlich sinkt das Vertrauen in die Wirtschaft und das Misstrauen steigt. Das ist das Ergebnis nahezu aller Studien zum Thema Verbrauchervertrauen // &! - Twitter just made it more difficult to hold politicians accountable // Same with the Conservative Party deleting all their speeches and documents after they won majority in election and partnered up with libdems - &! // Auch Geld funktioniert nur dank Vertrauen [...] Der Systemtheoretiker Niklas Luhmann beschrieb Vertrauen daher auch als "Mechanismus zur Reduktion sozialer Komplexität". Ständiges Misstrauen dagegen mache unser Zusammenleben deutlich schwieriger, sagt Martin Schweer. [...] Schnell zeigte sich: Hatte der eine das Geschäft fair und zum gegenseitigen Vorteil abgewickelt, erhöhte der andere in der nächsten Runde seinen Einsatz. // &! - Does honesty matter ...
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Killing the Messenger at Mozilla, by Tim Chevalier | Model View Culture
The tech industry has a hero problem, and during my time there, Mozilla was no exception. Famously, Eich developed the JavaScript language in ten days, in order to meet a Netscape release deadline. This is a textbook example of how tech valorizes individual "heroes", always male, who can put in intense effort on a problem over a short period of time but not work with others on a solution in the long term. I have no doubt that Eich's work on JavaScript was solid, but I also see no reason to think that he was the only person who could have done the same thing. In fact, there are probably people who could have done better, but were not accorded the privileges in life needed for doing so. As far as I'm aware, Eich himself has maintained a humble attitude about his achievements, but the same can't be said of his fans. [...] Tacit acceptance of silencing and of abuse of power runs throughout our culture, but that doesn't make it okay in the specific instance of tech culture. [... >>]
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