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Go tell the boss: let me work less and I’ll produce more | Life and style | The Guardian
The five-day work week is an artificial and outmoded idea. A shorter working week can boost efficiency and an employee’s happiness [...] The latest trend might have more going for it, though: more tech businesses are experimenting with four-day weeks. As Ryan Carson, co-founder of the education startup Treehouse, put it: “You get all day Friday off, instead of pretending like you’re working when you’re not.” [...] The most important reason to work fewer days, of course, is that it’s good for families, friendship, hobbies and the human spirit. But the most interesting implication of the current experiments, backed by some academic research, is that it appears to be good for productivity and work quality, too. Partly that’s because desk-based “knowledge work” relies on plenty of brain rest as well as exertion.
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Frohes Schaffen - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral (2012) - IMDb
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Pfizer and AstraZeneca: Deal or no deal | The Economist
IT'S ALL A MATTER OF DEGREE. Degree of vitality, dynamism, plurality & competition further reduced within the pharmaceutical industry in case of a M&A deal. + "M&A deals intended specifically 2 enable growth fail 2 achieve their expressed growth objective." + /// vs. Internal Growth through start-up/entrepreneurial culture within. --->> once you are a public company, your options to facilitate growth are hugely curtailed do to the short-term thinking of money, crony capitalism >> Wall Street. /// + + | BRITISH INTEREST IS & SHOULD BE MARKET PLURALITY. From May 7th. - 7 days later | this case; fiduciary responsibility = short-term thinking
market  plurality  Pfizer  AstraZeneca  UK  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  oligopol  oligopoly  crony  capitalism  corporate  governance  WallStreet  growth  though  acquisition  M&A  mergers  merger  growth  through  merger  Career  Politicians  business  management  short-term  thinking  long-term  thinking  public  policy  antitrust  Competition  collusion  research  medical  research  public  health  policy  trust  trustagent  confidence  Science  R&D  European  Competition  Commission  Europe  regulators  regulation  governance  transparency  accountability  davidcameron  general  election  2015  GeorgeOsborne  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  interest  groups  national  interest  job  market  productivity  skill-biased  technological  change  skill  skills  capital  skills  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  fiduciary  responsibility  greed  stakeholder  shareholder  unknown  unknowns  unintended  consequences  complexity  human  progress  technological  progress  humanity  post-antibiotic  era  external  threats  externalaties  externality 
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Paper Dreams - A story by David Betteridge - YouTube
have to put yourself out there. Typical HR or typical application process would have never hired him. but people within the industry saw the guts he had to put his passion out for the world to see and judge, and people within the industry followed their guts and intuition to hire him, taking a shot. you have to take shoots. you you don't take shoots (like Michael Jordan talks about it) you will never win nor loose something. if you don't have something, what is stopping you to take shoots at your dreams? yourself, your fear ... to be judged, ... by basic bitches. << so many parts that connect to this story. this is a post boy story of the future and how the great things happening this way or in a similar way. << academia is way behind the curve. << the future of the world, people, economy, society, ... society first, economy will follow naturally ... to grow. ignore the basic bitches, ignore reality tv stars, ignore essex, the yellow press, glossy gossip magazines,
Passion  experts  expertise  21stcentury  21st  century  economy  blogging  blogosphere  discovery  Red  Bull  Racing  Niche  Content  Basic  Bitch  domain  knowledge  experience  knowledge  worker  knowledge  economy  Productivity  economics  Philosophy  social  science  social  society  social  status  social  study  happiness  satisfaction  josephstiglitz  complexity  Gary  Vaynerchuk  brand  Personal  branding  people  management  human  resources  academia  vanity 
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Michio Kaku Drops Knowledge Bombs - YouTube
competing in a global economy, in a knowledge based economy, which creates future employment, ...
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