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Obesity is an incurable disease. So why is the government intent on punishing sufferers? | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
Fat-shaming is worse than useless. David Cameron points his finger at the afflicted, but food manufacturers and advertisers are the real culprits. s overeating more addictive than crack cocaine? It’s hard to compare addiction rates, or to produce a clear definition that holds true across all substances and behaviours. But consider this crude contrast: of people who use crack cocaine, 10%-20% become addicted to it; across a nine-year study of 176,000 obese people, 98.3% of the men and 97.8% of the women failed to return to a healthy weight. Once extreme overeating begins, it appears to be almost impossible to stop. [...] seek out a range of highly palatable, energy-dense foods, of the kind with which we are now surrounded. [...] [ abuse food ] comfort eating [ handling stress, as is binge drinking on the Fridays and Weekends and your glass of wine every evening during the week ] [ IT IS ABOUT PREVENTION AND ENVIRONMENT HAS TO CHANGE! ] [ 10% NHS Budget is spend on diabetes treatment ]
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