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'Civil war' in immune system can fight disease
The immune system can be trained to attack itself to reverse a devastating autoimmune disease, in animal studies.
US researchers treated Pemphigus vulgaris in mice by instigating civil war within the immune system, and say the approach could work in people.
Experts said the treatment, published in the journal Science, was creative and successful and they "loved it".
Autoimmune diseases result from the body's defences turning rogue and attacking healthy tissue.
autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  immune  system  Immunotherapy 
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Lena Dunham to have surgery after ovarian cyst rupture - BBC Newsbeat
endometriosis. // - ovarian cyst - PCOS //&! Wikipedia - "It has been proposed that endometriosis results from a series of multiple hits within target genes, in a mechanism similar to the development of cancer. In this case, the initial mutation may be either somatic or heritable." //&! //&! - Many women with endometriosis appear to have reduced immunity to other conditions. It is not known whether this contributes to endometriosis or whether it is as a result of endometriosis. // is it more common in western world than Africa (non-westernised) and Japan (non-westernised)? Thus environmental, ie diet.!?
epigenetics  genetics  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  cancer  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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Immunotherapy: the big new hope for cancer treatment | Science | The Guardian
Analysis: A combination therapy – helping the body’s own defences fight cancer cells – has shown impressive results for terminally ill melanoma patients
Immunotherapy  cancer  melanoma  skin  cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  response 
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Radical cancer treatment seeks to control rather than destroy tumours | Science | The Guardian
Instead of eradicating cancer, the new goal for doctors needs to be prevention of cancer disease, she adds. “We need to stabilise tumour growth and enable gradual, controlled regression over time.” Charles Swanton, a scientist at the Francis Crick Institute in London, who is part-funded by Cancer Research UK, said: “How cancers become resistant to treatment has been one of the greatest challenges facing doctors and their patients. This work tries to find a way around a phenomenon known as ‘competitive release’, where drug resistant cancer cells survive and take over the tumour once the drug-sensitive cells have been killed off. “When this happens in cancers, the disease is often much harder to treat due to the limited number of drug options available.
cancer  Immunotherapy  immune  system  autoimmune  response  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  chemotherapy  radiationtherapy  melanoma  lung  cancer  health  crisis  sick  population  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  OAP  premature  ageing  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  NHS  prevention  intervention 
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Genetics of cancer tumours reveal possible treatment revolution | Science | The Guardian
[Immunotherapy does] not work in everyone [and every cancer]. One approach releases the brakes on the immune system, unleashing the full force of killer T cells, which are otherwise dampened down by cancer cells. But to work, the patient’s immune system must first recognise the cancer as the enemy. Charles Swanton, an expert on cancer evolution who led the latest study at the Francis Crick Institute in London, said the discovery of surface proteins shared by all of a patient’s cancer cells provided an “achilles heel” for future therapies to target. [...] As tumours grow, they evolve. Over time, mutations scramble the DNA, and one part of the tumour starts to look very different to another. [And chemo stops working.] [...] [NOT CHEAP!] //&! - Experimental therapy tested in mice could lead to patients living healthy lives with tumours constantly kept in check with low doses of medicine //&!
cancer  Immunotherapy  immune  system  autoimmune  response  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  chemotherapy  radiationtherapy  melanoma  lung  cancer  health  crisis  sick  population  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  OAP  premature  ageing  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  NHS  prevention  intervention 
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Hip replacements for under-60s soaring - BBC News
[ - diet & lifestyle related!? co-attributed? same w osteoporosis. what is the rate in some parts of Japan? - hypertension issue ] The number of hip replacement operations on people aged under 60 has risen 76% in the last decade, NHS figures for England reveal. In 2004-05 there were 10,145 hip replacements for people aged 59 and below, with 17,883 in 2014-15. [...] [D]octors are now more confident that replacement joints will be more durable than in the past. Patients are also said to be less willing to wait. Demand for new hips across all ages has risen - there were 89,919 of the operations in 2004-05 and 122,154 in 2014-15. [...] [A]s hip replacement techniques and prosthetics have improved, so have the numbers of younger patients undergoing this type of surgery. "It's no longer seen as a last resort. "As surgeons, we now have more confidence about the wear rate of these prosthetics which allows us to be less restrictive on an age basis."
NHS  austerity  rationing  health  care  demand  budget  medical  advances  premature  ageing  population  sick  crisis  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  response  diet-related  osteoporosis  chronic  diseases  low-grade  inflammation  western  world  pattern  diet  Standard  American  spending  OAP  GP  A&E  prevention  intervention  Simon  Stevens  lifestyle  hypertension  high  blood  pressure 
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Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the February 27th 2016 edition by The Economist
First segment, Brexit. we concluded "leaving would be bad for all." // last segment on science - 8:43: exercise improves immune system, improved immune system may improve cancer survival statistics. - key to it is adenaline.
Brexit  cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  response  Immunotherapy  sedentary  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  prevention  intervention  GP  NHS  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  public  health  public  health  policy  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy | Science | The Guardian
‘This is unprecedented’ says researcher after more than half of terminally ill blood cancer patients experienced complete remission in early clinical trials [...] Tests so far have only targeted certain blood cancers, and the researchers acknowledged they needed to work on tumors and track how long patients would remain in remission. Cancer cells can sometimes hide unnoticed by the body’s defenses, or simply overwhelm them and throw the immune system into overdrive. [...] “Much like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it’s not going to be a save-all,” Riddell said of the new therapy, adding: “I think immunotherapy has finally made it to a pillar of cancer therapy.” A paper on the ALL research is currently under review and pending publication. //&!
immune  system  cancer  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  side-effect  chemotherapy 
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Triathlete died after doctor failed to diagnose meningitis | UK news | The Guardian
Hettiarachchi accepted he did not point out Penrose’s high blood pressure, low pulse and skin blotching to Ghoneim, but denied he had already reached a diagnosis. [...] During the morning of 12 August her daughter complained of pins and needles in her face, neck and back. An ambulance was called and took Penrose back to A&E. She was seen at 11.30am, but was not given antibiotics until 1pm – about the same time a scan revealed her body was shutting down. Penrose died a short time later. [...] Simpson criticised the delay in administering antibiotics, as well as the errors made by junior doctors.
sepsis  septicaemia  meningitis  immune  system  autoimmune  response  infection  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era 
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Overview - Sepsis - Mayo Clinic
More people die of Sepsis (in UK) than from all major forms of cancer (breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined) ~37.000. // In sepsis, the body's immune system goes into overdrive // Is a damaged information system ( of the immune system ) linked to higher cases of sepsis? like MS, autoimmune disease. // [S]lurred speech or confusion, [E]xtreme shivering, [P]assing no urine in a day, [S]evere breathlessness, "[I] feel like I might die.", [S]kin rash or mottled skin. SEPSIS // & - deadly rush, out of control case of inflammation spreads across the body. Short-circuit. // Why is still unknown! //&!
inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  anti-inflammatory  diet  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  DNA  gene  expression  telomere  epigenetics  DNA  damage  Leaky  gut  Standard  American  diet-related  disease  Western  pattern  diet  diet  lifestyle  antioxidant  free  radicals  public  health  policy  public  health  cancer  heart  disease  sepsis  septicaemia 
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A&E matron: It's like the most complex chess game ever - BBC News
Winter is the most difficult time of year for the NHS. As part of the BBC's NHS Winter series, front-line staff explain what life is like. Here A&E matron Jackie Thompson speaks about why managing her department is like a game of chess and how the common cold can bring the service to its knees. [...] "In the winter we are probably not any busier in terms of numbers coming in - about 250 a day - than we are in the summer. But what is different is that the people we see and more ill and frail. It is difficult, but we do our best."
A&E  NHS  sick  population  health  crisis  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  influenca  Influenza  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  Standard  American  Diet  pattern  western  active  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  premature  ageing  immune  system  autoimmune  response 
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Dr. Mercola & Dr. Greger on How Not To Die (Full Interview) - YouTube
need to be active at least 30min a day, if not even 90min, sitting is deadly. inactivity is deadly // 19:50 infectious diseases from domestication of animals; influenza, ducks, common cold, horses, small pox, camels, // UTI = food borne illness. chicken meat; cross contamination (kitchen hygiene) & rectal bacteria creeping into bladder through pee hole opening. // +80% of antibiotics fed 2 farm animals (USA) // 25:30 got to eat real food! engineered food upsets and wreaks havoc to your microbiome & your health! probiotics are present in raw fruits and vegetables. no pharmacy/pill. but farmacy // 29:00 reductive science by pharma 2 treat depression symptoms with SSRIs&Co. dopamine/serotonin // regular exercise reduces cancer risk, if mitochondria goes south = cancer, upregulate mitochondrial activity through exercise = lower risk. metabolic treatment of disease. // 33:30 higher raw/vegan mimics caloric restriction! real food = caloric density lower vs engineered food. // 39:30
public  health  policy  public  health  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  influenca  Influenza  antibiotics  pandemic  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  SARS  H1B  H1N1  UTI  food  borne  illness  food  poisoning  kitchen  hygiene  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  diet-related  disease  cholesterol  Western  pattern  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  anti-inflammatory  Desert  fast  food  Chain  junk  food  food  engineering  microbiome  Gut  Flora  Probiotics  Prebiotics  epigenetics  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  inflammatory  bowel  disease  inflammation  chronic  cancer  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  mental  health  Depression  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances  medical-industrial  complex 
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▶ BBC Two - Victoria Derbyshire, 23/11/2015, 'We battled recurring cancer'
Cancer charities say there needs to be more support for people facing a recurring diagnosis of cancer. Figures show there is a 5% chance of sufferers getting a different kind of cancer in the future. // overweight/obese carry higher risk of cancer bc of the fat being inflammatory factor! inflammation through fat and diet is bad for immune system -
cancer  medical  profession  medical  advances  medical  research  diet-related  disease  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  autoimmune  disease  immune  system  sick  population  health  crisis  NHS  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  public  health  policy  public  health  public  awareness  public  perception  public  opinion  public  debate  public  discourse  public  image  chemotherapy  radiotherapy  anti-inflammatory  diet  Standard  American  Western  pattern  diet  Dietary  Fiber  diet  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  carcinogen  carcinogenic  BRCA-1  BRCA-2  epigenetics  autoimmune  response  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  health  science  medical  care  medical-industrial  complex  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door 
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Prebiotics: Tending Our Inner Garden - YouTube
Fiber is critical for optimal health, while only 3% of Americans get 100% of RDA. And this is not about pills, or added fiber into processed food. This is whole-food plant-based fiber. //&! Microbiome: The Inside Story -
Probiotics  Prebiotics  Gut  Flora  epigenetics  Leaky  Dietary  Fiber  medical  profession  medical  advances  medical  research  prevention  intervention  Crohn’s  Disease  IBS  inflammatory  bowel  bowel  cancer  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  diet-related  cancer  anti-inflammatory  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  immune  system  autoimmune  autoimmune  response  chronic  diseases  public  health  health  crisis  health  science  well  being  microbiome 
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Professor Keith Woodford - FAB Conference, 21 March 2014, London - YouTube
Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and Politics - A1 and A2 Milk Paperback – 31 Dec 2010 - by Keith Woodford (Author) ... min 13:30 - milk intake and diabetes correlate (a relationship that is significant, not random) min 18 developing Islet cell antibodies << autoimmune system going against your body min 22:10 high relationship to heart disease min 24:10 Oxidized (Ox-LDL) (baby formula) and heart disease and alzheimers / beta-casomorphin 7 (BCM-7) min 31:30 raises inflammation (markers) - 33:10 A1 slows digestive system (mucus) and inflamed colon (pre-cancer stage) - // - // Gluten is not the problem. A1 / A2 beta-casein are not the problem. Its confusing people. Always confuse consumer, keep them in the dark. //&! The Next Gluten A1 Beta Casein Jordan Rubin -
book  Milk  Industry  Dairy  Industry  animal  protein  animal  fat  public  health  policy  public  health  food  intolerance  health  crisis  cancer  IGF-1  medical  profession  food  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  chronic  diseases  childhood  development  childhood  childhood  obesity  atherosclerosis  food  allergy  heart  disease  Leaky  gut  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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Immune clue to preventing schizophrenia - BBC News
[ does diet and epigentics play a role, science knows that risk is higher if you have family case. big pharma would not be amused to hear that schizophrenic schizophrenia episodes could be reduced with an anti-inflammatory diet and active lifestyle. and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID's) do not work at the same rate and have side effects (lower efficacy) ] Brain scans found an overactive immune system in patients as well as in those at high risk of schizophrenia. The UK Medical Research Council team wants to test anti-inflammatory drugs to treat or even prevent the disease. [...] There has been mounting evidence that the immune system and inflammation play a key role in schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions. //&! >> ie &! - Poultry workers ...
mental  health  mental  illness  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Whole  Plant  Foods  anti-inflammatory  alkaline  well  being  medical  profession  chronic  diseases  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  lifestyle  society  world  health  care  budget  health  care  health  care  spending  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  health  science  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  care  Antidepressant  anti-depressants  Depression  SSRI  anti-depressant  Livestock  farming  Poultry  Meat  Egg  Dairy  Milk  Fish  agriculture  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  Zoonotic  zoonosis  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  Psychiatry  psychology 
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BBC journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts dies after cancer fight - BBC News
Ms Lloyd-Roberts, 64, who had acute myeloid leukaemia, received a stem cell transplant over the summer. A correspondent for BBC News, she had run a public appeal to find a donor and had been keeping a video diary of her struggle. In her most recent blog entry, from 21 August, she said she had pneumonia and was confined to bed. She died on Tuesday evening at University College Hospital, London, following complications from the transplant. // [according to the wiki, a transplant is the last "HOPE" option after chemo failed. 4 the transplant, to get it accepted by the body/assimilate/forming new kind through the transplant, u have to switch off (destroy) the immune system as much as possible, thus risk of infections/complications - ] &! &! Multiple Sclerosis & Autoimmune Diseases: The Impact of Diet - John McDougall, MD - - ITS THE FOOD!
cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  medical  profession  autoimmune  response  inflammation  Leaky  gut  animal  protein  animal  fat  Standard  American  Diet  western  pattern  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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First drug 'slows decline' in progressive MS - BBC News
Ocrelizumab depletes a part of the immune system in order to protect the myelin. // check out work of and Dr McDougall.
multiple  sclerosis  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  immune  system  inflammation  anti-inflammatory  diet  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  neuroscience  neurobiology  neurology  Leaky  gut  Blood-Brain  Barrier  Standard  American  diet  Western  pattern  diet  diet  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Vegan  animal  protein  animal  fat  Free  Oil  Vegetable  Oil  Tropical  Oil  medical  profession  endotoxin 
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Asthma: Darmflora entscheidet mit übers Asthma-Risiko - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Darmflora hat entscheidenden Einfluss auf die Gesundheit. Eine aktuelle Studie zeigt: Fehlen in den ersten Lebensmonaten bestimmte Bakterien, steigt das Asthma-Risiko deutlich.
Gut  Flora  microbiome  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  Leaky  hygiene  hypothesis  endotoxin  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
october 2015 by asterisk2a
Pop star Selena Gomez diagnosed with lupus - BBC News
The disease is currently treated by drugs, and by chemotherapy designed to suppress the action of the immune system. - & - Immunosurveillance Hypothesis & //&! &! Speaking to Billboard magazine, the 23-year-old was scathing about the gossip websites who suggested she was addicted to drugs. "I wanted so badly to say: 'You guys have no idea. I'm in chemotherapy. You're assholes'." "I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again." Gomez went on to criticise the tabloid press, who have spent years picking apart her relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber as "vile". "I've been working since I was seven. I've been a Unicef ambassador since I was 17. It's so disappointing that I've become a tabloid story," she said.
Lupus  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  immune  system  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  stress  chronic  diseases  cancer  sick  population  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  Tabloid  gossip  culture  gossip  celebrity  culture  of  You  celeb  n00d  Trading  Ring  Celebgate  celebrity  Glossy  Magazine  Social  Media  society  Gesellschaft  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  anti-inflammatory  inflammation  Standard  American  Diet  Dietary  Fiber  Western  pattern  alkaline  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  care  animal  protein  animal  fat  IGF-1  multiple  sclerosis  Arthritis  Neu5Gc  atherosclerosis  vascular  disease  coronary  artery  disease  heart  disease  Cardiovascular  disease 
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Is Global Economic Doubt Behind the Unchanged Rate? - YouTube // much higher $ already put ~25bps on US domestic market. // Fed is a risk manager now // labour market got a check mark, but not inflation bc of tech, stronger$ (taper anticipation), commodities lower, further deflationary pressures (retail price fighting 4 increase like4like sales), globalisation (competition), secular stagnation (continued low growth in western world, lower aggregate demand overall, lower baseline), consumer unable 2pickup where it threw in hat (deleveraging, no savings, debt overhang household, consumer). A new normal of growth of ~3% (give/take) globally aggregate & western wrld (2-2.5%, EU aggregate even lower). In this world, THERE WILL BE NO INFLATION PRESSURE (2% or higher, &3bn ppl free labour wrldwide) IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE AS THE REAL ECONOMY 4 EVERY DAY FOLK DOESNT REFLECT REFLATED ASSET PRICES via QE, ZIRP, credit bubbles arnd world enabled by central banks. &! &! &!
Taper  Fed  Fed  mandate  2015  inflation  expectation  inflation  targeting  Janet  Yellen  participation  rate  employment  underemployed  full  employment  unemployment  structural  unemployment  USA  China  BRIC  credit  bubble  complexity  global  economy  New  Normal  hunt  for  yield  asset  allocation  asset  bubble  reflate  reflation  equity  bubble  property  bubble  BIS  centralbanks  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  distortion  secular  stagnation  western  world  Richard  Koo  deleveraging  balance  sheet  recession  debtoverhang  private  debt  household  debt  consumer  debt  student  loan  debt  student  loan  student  debt  debt  servitude  marginal  propensity  to  consume  Super  Rich  1%  faultlines  savings  glut  Impediments  structural  imbalance  inequality  Gini  coefficient  income  distribution  income  growth  low  income  disposable  income  income  inequality  income  mobility  wage  stagnation  wage  growth  UK  BOE  squeezed  middle  class  job  creation  job  security  labour  market  recovery  policy  response  fiscal  policy  austerity  Schuldenbremse  Pact  monetary  policy  monetary  transmission  mechanism  excess  reserves  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  business  investment  underinvestment  productive  investment  infrastructure  investment 
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Vitamins and Supplements: An Evidence-Based Approach - YouTube
- correlation vs causation. vitamin/supplement takers seem to be more health conscious. making some better health decisions (supplements look good bc health conscious ppl take them). statistics and study/survey sometimes don't take that into account (fudging data), don't make that clear. disclose. especially studies funded by interest groups. - expression of cancer reduced (protective, decreased all mortality rate) w increased veg and fruit intake. - vitamins and supplements can not replace phytonutrients and fiber that come with fruit and veg intake. - differentiation between fat soluble and water soluble. - Vitamin A study discourages intake, on average harmful. - Supplementation for Sick Population: B-Complex together w Folic Acid doesn't help (reduce cancer & cardiac event, cardiovascular disease ... Folic Acid unequal Folate (plant source)). - 6% increase due to Multivitamin intake? - Take your RDA ideally from food and not big doses. - Vitamin D & Calcium & epigenetics.
Vitamin  Vitamin  D  Nutrition  Vegan  omnivore  carnism  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  anti-inflammatory  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  antioxidant  immune  system  cancer  epigenetics  Vitamin  E  beta-Carotene  β-Carotene  premature  ageing  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  Folate  Folic  Acid  sick  population  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  prevention  public  health  policy  health  policy  public  health  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response 
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David Perlmutter: Belly and the Brain - YouTube
book - Brain Maker - , gut is your 2nd brain, function as a unit. food choices. // see // whole plant based foods, fermented foods, fiber, // bad sugars & artificial sweeteners. sugarless soda doubles diabetes risk. // inflammation (leaky gut) related to cardiovascular disease/chronic diseases (also caused by acid reflux medication, antibiotics)
microbiome  neurology  Leaky  gut  Flora  brain  diet  book  neurobiology  neuroscience  medical  advances  medical  profession  complexity  epigenetics  mental  health  mental  illness  dementia  performance  Alzheimer  premature  ageing  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  anti-inflammatory  diet  IBS  inflammatory  bowel  disease  Crohn’s  Vegan  public  health  public  health  policy  immune  system  autoimmune  response  autoimmune  disease  overweight  obesity  epidemic  obesity  Fiber  Whole  Plant  Foods  chronic  diseases 
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Cancer immunotherapy approved in UK - BBC News
Nivolumab was one of the drugs labelled a "milestone" therapy at a major cancer conference last month. It has been approved for lung cancer through the UK's Early Access to Medicines Scheme and has been given an EU license for melanoma. The drug has been shown to stop skin and lung cancers from progressing, in clinical trials.
cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  response  immunotherapy  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  profession  unknown  unkown 
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BBC Two - Horizon, 2014-2015, Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad?, What does binge drinking really do to your body?
Chris and Xand are joined by Dr Jalan and Dr Mehta from the Royal Free Hospital to discover the true effects that alcohol can have on the body during a single binge. // acid aldehyde damages the gut lining, gut becomes leaky, bacteria leak into the body/blood stream "bacterial poison effect" - those bacteria which should be only in your gut, gets the immune system going - creating inflammation. And at rate of western average drinking pattern, this is constant inflammation response to a immune system on constant attack. Include meat which too creates a 'leaky gut.' The generalness of alcohol as carcinogen as well as the meat (animal products). Smoking. Second-hand smoke. Less sleep quality. Add Tanning. ... Its the perfect mix for premature aging and cancer as well as heart disease/cardiovascular disease. And the liver scarred by the western diet and the alcohol [Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise.] Peoples stupid short-term view/behavior is a NHS Budget Bomb.
Leaky  gut  Alcohol  alcoholism  abuse  binge  drinking  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  premature  ageing  western  lifestyle  carcinogenic  carcinogen  western  diet  Standard  American  pattern  diet  immune  system  autoimmune  response  public  health  policy  public  health  cancer  Cardiovascular  disease  chronic  diseases  heart  disease  vascular  disease  coronary  artery  disease  liver  disease  NHS  heart  attack 
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Great Gut Extinction: Has modern life destroyed our health? - BBC News
Our modern lifestyle is often blamed for the explosion in conditions like asthma, diabetes and obesity - but the evidence that our predecessors didn't suffer such ailments has been hard to come by - until now. [...] The use of antibiotics, processed foods and soap may have led to less diversity in our microbes according to Dr Gautam Dantas from the Washington School of Medicine, one of the researchers who has studied the Yanomami people. [...] "If you upset the good bacteria, it might well be that the immune system of that baby will be ill-educated and respond wrongly to other agents and bacteria."
microbiome  western  lifestyle  western  diet  Standard  American  pattern  diet  antibiotic  resistance  hygiene  hypothesis  autoimmune  disease  autoimmune  response  immune  system  post-antibiotic  era  antibiotics  childhood  development  childhood  parenthood  Leaky  gut  endotoxin  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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SPIEGEL.TV - Allergien Therapien
Immune System has a problem to differentiate between good and bad. Kids made, born & grown up on villages with traditional agriculture are much more less susceptible to allergies & Asthma. "Bauernhof-Effect" Thus one has to argue that non-allergic mom's should go regularly to villages with traditional agriculture to inform the unborn baby's immune system that xyz are normal. Still correlation isn't causation. But link is certainly there. // Studies have also found that mom's exposure to certain engineered chemicals during late-term pregnancy can cause asthma (ie Styrene from new carpets that air out, for the new yet to arrive childs room).
unintended  consequences  urbanisation  autoimmune  response  autoimmune  disease  immune  system  Asthma  parenthood  parenting  parents  epigenetics  genetics  western  lifestyle  western  world  western  society 
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Böses Blut - Kehrtwende in der Intensivmedizin - Reportage & Dokumentation - ARD | Das Erste
Bluttransfusionen können Leben retten, keine Frage. Nach Unfällen und großen Operationen gleichen sie bedrohliche Blutverluste aus. Immer mehr Analysen aber bestätigen: Bluttransfusionen können gefährlich sein. Lebensgefährlich. Die Patienten ahnen davon nichts - und weder die Ärzte noch die Betreiber des Blutspende-Systems haben großes Interesse an Aufklärung. Die einen wollen mangels Alternativen nicht unnötig Panik schüren, die anderen sorgen sich um ihr Geschäftsmodell. Blutspenden werden auch in Zukunft für Notfälle gebraucht. Die SWR-Dokumentation von Ulrike Gehring zeigt, dass dennoch ein Umdenken in der Intensivmedizin unausweichlich ist. Sie zeigt bisher unbekannte Risiken von Transfusionen auf und stellt eine Gruppe mutiger Ärzte vor, die gemeinsam an Alternativen arbeiten. Und dabei auf viele Widerstände stoßen. &!
Bluttransfusion  medical  research  antibodies  immune  system  autoimmune  response  medical  profession  medical  advances  conflict  of  interest 
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Why AOL Should Not Have Bought Huffington Post And Patch - Forbes
AOL's media business not profitable ie Huffpost and Patch not profitable. ... Q can large scale internet only media units not be profitable? - Is that a law? like gravity? Why is gawker profitable, because it doesn't have the excess, overhead and perks AOL's media unit got. << lots of execs, vp's, directors, lots of reporting that isn't really work, vertical structure - hierarchy. || Gawker Media is a Cayman Islands-incorporated online media company and blog - "In 2009, the corporation was estimated to be worth $300 million, with $60 million in advertising revenues and more than $30 million in operating profit.[3]" || >> Lesson - don't build overhead, stuff that is not doing actual work for the business to turn a operational profit. || + + + + ||
AOL  Tim  Armstrong  HuffingtonPost  Patch  Huffington  Post  journalismus  Journalism  content  network  short-form  content  throwaway  content  paid  content  content  creator  digital  content  content  curation  content  content  distribution  micro  content  Niche  microcontent  paidcontent  TechCrunch  Crunchbase  BuzzFeed  UpWorthy  Gawker  BusinessInsider  Washington  Post  Jeff  Bezos  business  model  business  plan  overhead  Lean  Start-Up  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  engagement  marketing  advertisement  advertising  direct  response  marketing  Yahoo!  web  publishing  publishing  2.0  blog  blogosphere 
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Test Grippe-Impfung: Vergleich Männer Frauen bei Erkältungen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Testosteron als Immundämpfer bei Männern könnte in der Entwicklungsgeschichte eventuell Vorteile geboten haben, spekuliert Davis: Es könnte das Immunsystem der häufiger von Verletzungen und Infektionen bedrohten Männer vor Überreaktionen bewahrt haben.
evolution  immune  system  autoimmune  response  hormones  Influenza 
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Venus Williams: I'm a raw vegan - CBS News
+ // Venus first turned vegan in 2011 to battle chronic fatigue and full-body inflammation caused by the auto-immune disease Sjogren’s Syndrome, and reports that “definitely, changing my diet has made a big difference” in fighting the fatigue “so heavy that sitting in a chair is a huge effort.” She points out wryly, “So, as a professional athlete, if you have fatigue, then that’s tough,” adding that Sjogren’s can also cause “joint pain…issues with your internal systems.”
vegan  inflammation  autoimmune  response  autoimmune  disease  chronic  diseases  Sjogrens  Syndrome  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  Venus  Williams  fatigue 
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Glutenunverträglichkeit: Nur wenige sind wirklich betroffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Forscher verglichen die Reaktion des Immunsystems auf alte und exotische Getreidesorten mit der Reaktion auf moderne Hochleistungsgetreide. Dabei fanden sie heraus, dass statt Gluten Proteine mit der Bezeichnung Adenosin-Triphosphat-Amylase (ATI) die Gluten-Sensitivität verursachen könnten. ATIs treten meist gemeinsam mit Gluten im Getreide auf, weshalb sich die Wirkungen der Substanzen bislang schlecht auseinanderhalten ließen. Bestätigt sich der Verdacht, wäre das auch eine Erklärung, warum Glutensensitivität in den vergangenen Jahren häufiger geworden ist: ATIs sind natürliche Insektenabwehrstoffe, die gezielt in Hochleistungsweizen und andere Getreidesorgen gekreuzt wurden, um den Ertrag zu steigern. Noch sind die Wissenschaftler aber vorsichtig: "Das Ganze ist sehr neu", sagt Schuppan. "Wir brauchen noch mehr Daten +
Gluten  wheat  allergy  inflammation  immune  system  autoimmune  response  complexity  inflammatory  bowel  disease  Insecticide  Adenosin-Triphosphat-Amylase  autoimmune  disease  Gluten  Sensitivity  unintended  consequences  Gluten  Free  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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Smell the Truth » Smoking Marijuana Causes ‘Complete Remission’ of Crohn’s Disease, No Side Effects, New Study Shows
Smoking pot caused a “complete remission” of Crohn’s disease compared to placebo in half the patients who lit up for eight weeks, according to clinical trial data to be published the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
War  on  Drugs  medical  marijuana  autoimmune  response  medical  profession  autoimmune  disease  medical  care  Crohn’s  Vegan 
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Wie sich Fett auf den Stoffwechsel und die Gene auswirkt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fett zaubert nicht nur Polster auf die Hüften, es verändert auch Gene und Stoffwechsel. Forscher haben jetzt im Detail beobachtet, wie sich eine fettreiche Ernährung auf den Körper auswirkt. Demnach erhöht der Energieträger nicht nur Blutdruck und Hunger, sondern schraubt auch am Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus. >> Low-Fat (No Oil) Vegan Diet <<
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Vitamin A and systemic inflammation as protective factors in multiple sclerosis
New findings on multiple sclerosis: An above minimum vitamin A level in the 2nd of five quintiles is associated with a -62% reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Moreover, higher hs-CRP levels (=greater inflammation) in the younger years offer protective effects as well (-64%).

Conclusions: Our results suggest that sub-optimal vitamin A levels may be associated with MS risk. The association between hs-CRP levels and MS risk in young subjects may support the role of the hygiene hypothesis in MS aetiology.

- hygiene hypothesis calls for breast feeding
- hygiene hypothesis calls for less over protective over less cleanliness environment for kids. let kid be kids. what can't kill them, doesn't kill them.
- Eat your vegetables and colourful fruits. Not pills. Food.

Years of chronic deficiency leads to chronic diseases.
parents  autoimmune  response  immune  system  Vitamin  A  autoimmune  disease  parenthood  hygiene  hypothesis  multiple  sclerosis  Vegan  parenting 
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How infection can trigger autoimmune disease
Is autoimmunity like friendly fire without someone in the upper echelons calling the immune soldiers back?

Scientists find the urgency and speed at which B cells mutate within the germinal centre, as well as the random nature of the process, could be at the heart of auto-immune diseases. Programing errors as well as false positives as far as identifying cells of the body as foreign intruders are therefore frequent and the control of rampant B-Cells appears to depend on the proximity to the germinal centre:

"When antigen is abundant and generally available throughout the body, rogue autoantibody-generating B cells are deleted and autoimmunity avoided. Conversely, when target antigen is located only in a tissue or organ remote from the germinal centre, B cells capable of reacting against both antigen and 'self' are able to escape the germinal centre and produce autoantibodies."
infection  immune  system  autoimmune  response  disease 
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BBC News - Hardtalk - Lewis Moody's private battle with bowel disease
Moody wrote in his autobiography that he believed his rugby career could have played a part in him developing the condition.

He was plagued by injuries throughout his 15 years at the top and this led to an over-exposure to anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and painkillers.

> Quiet possible that by abuse of medicine, the bodies own immune system got totally scrambled and thus started to attack its own body.

Anti immune response
Autoimmune  disease  response  antibiotics 
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European Debt Crisis Is Shaped by Bond Vigilantes -
Disagreements among national governments have made it difficult to address the core problem, which, he said, is “not lack of liquidity, but of solvency” — that is, not a matter of providing enough cash for short-term operations, but of reducing debt ratios that are simply too high to be managed. Solving the problem anytime soon would require “haircuts” — write-downs or restructurings, in which bondholders would, in the end, have to take some losses.
sovereign  debt  PIIGS  monetary  fiscal  policy  ecb  trichet  greece  ireland  2010  response  politics  angelamerkel  EMU  EuropeanCommission  europe  herding  herd  crisis 
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PIMCO - PIMCO Viewpoints Bank Fee Has Merits but Lacks Financial Clout
First, it is politically popular.

At the simplest level of analysis, the tax offers an immediate signaling device for governments eager to respond to the anger in the streets about bank bonuses and the surge in unemployment. At a deeper level, it marks the end of the flawed vision that a finance-dominated economy is a natural stage in the maturation of post-industrial societies.
FinancialCrisisResponsibilityFee  politics  post-industrial  society  post-crisis  cirisis  response  recession  bank  tax  fee 
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