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The tech industry has cut a Google’s worth of jobs in the past 12 months
bigger companies, more profitable products, with less people. // “It would be wrong to assume that increased job cuts are a sign of weakness in the tech sector,” Challenger, Gray & Christmas CEO John Challenger said in a statement. “The simple fact is that the industry is going through a transformation and companies either have to shift their focus or risk extinction. We will always need technology, but how we interact with it, as well as where and when we interact with it, are changing rapidly.” //&! - Intel missed the mobile revolution. Now it faces its day of reckoning.
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Paul Mason - is capitalism dead? | Guardian Live - YouTube
100 year process, this is the 21st century // when you define the problem you also define the solution, in most cases. from A to B. // capitalism has rent-seeking tendency. DRM and IP/intellectual property is rent-seeking. // --- need book what to do with post-capitalism tools, open source, open data, share economy, shared economic interest, transparency, political reform - voucher system (Larry Lessig). --- // biotech and gene and new age of medicine will replace hardware and proprietary software (already being displaced by open source) //
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Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars - Quartz
Though companies hire trained futurists, technology is still moving to fast to predict where it will go. “Value has become an abstraction because we don’t really know what kind of product is going to make the most money,” Chayka writes. “We have no idea what kind of technology will dominate the commercial landscape over the next decade, let alone century.” For companies with as much money and as much to gain—and lose—as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s better to be optimistic about hyped startups than to let them slip away. Of course, this means that they know some of their acquisitions will be duds and even those that aren’t will be expensive. But it’s worth more to them to stay ahead of the curve.
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