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The office after Amazon: is the workplace becoming a jungle? | Technology | The Guardian
Certain companies operating in certain fields with certain competition, can and inadvertently develop certain cultures. That some describe as ruthless competitive externally and internally. You could even say that Reed Hastings culture document transpires that this is a workplace where it is expected of you, to contribute and solve problems for our customers (competitive and toppling the established players). PayPal too. And Jeff talks about being obsessive about the customer and inventing in the name of the customer (build a monopsony/monopoly). Gates made MSFT internally competitive (build a monopoly), working long hours, and as they were externally. Very different to FB and Google and their business & product position. // The recent claims about Amazon’s aggressive corporate culture were a cause of consternation to many – but plenty of others couldn't see what the problem was. So is a gentler, more relaxed office culture any better for employees? And is it even what they want?
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Welcome To The Unicorn Club, 2015: Learning From Billion-Dollar Companies | TechCrunch
capital efficiency of these “private unicorns” is surprisingly low, [ << bc they (1) use growth round to buy aggressively market share/customers and (2) Palo Alto/San Francisco/New York/London is expensive locations - prices driven up by Venture Capital & Angel Investments & hunt for developers - employees can command negotiations about their price in most cases. ] [...] 7) Take heart, “old people” of Silicon Valley: Companies with educated, tech-savvy, experienced 30-something, co-founding teams with history together have built the most successes. Twenty-something founders and successful pivots are the minority; dedicated CEOs who are able to scale their companies for the long haul are not. [...] Optimistic private markets sheltering a thicket of “paper unicorns.” [ << Bill Gurley, there will be a dead unicorn ] [...] [SAAS] are also among the more capital efficient companies on average in our set[.] [...] There’s still too little diversity at the top in 2015
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Inequality: What can be done? - YouTube
"divided we stand." // 22:25 Universal Basic Income = Participation in the Society. Not just employment. // living wage instead of minimum wage. if banks are too big to fail so should be our citizens. put more into make people employable and or self-employable - investment into people. not just banks.
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Shortcuts - In Talent, Determination Outweighs Nature and Nurture -
Most of us think of talent as an ability we’re born with and have fairly little control over. But increasingly, experts are questioning the notion that genes limit how far we can go.

“deliberate practice.”
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