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>> Meerkat - CrunchWeek | TechCrunch TV
Meerkat - deep integration w twitter. it's an add-on, not a stand alone product I guess, come shove and push ... long-term. &! couple of days late --- &!
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You gotta read this! — Maker’s Perspective — Medium
org - "And since publishers — news organizations — are thinking that we aren’t reading, many of them focus on simple topline metrics like uv’s, page views, shares and likes and don’t track or use engagement metrics to manage their business. Another bad loop. [....] [... the user divide ...] It seems like we have two opposing trends going on simultaneously. On one end of the curve rabid sharing is driving an attention cycle of seconds but on the other end people are reading and watching more. The social web has flattened web sites and made the home page irrelevant to many sites — simultaneously the shift to the phone/tablet and the mobile app internet is unbundling the web that we knew. The combination of these two trends is changing media and how we use and experience it."
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Why women seek men like their fathers and couples are less happy after marriage: New book explains science behind common relationship themes | Mail Online
'Dissatisfaction occurs because you know that person and there’s no novelty. Relationships become boring,'

_Can_ become boring.
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