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Climate stirring change beneath the waves - BBC News
Human-induced climate change is triggering changes beneath the waves that could have a long-term effect on marine food webs, a study suggests. An assessment of phytoplankton in the North Atlantic found the microscopic organisms' pole-ward shift was faster than previously reported. It observed that the ocean's tiny plant community was "poised for marked shift and shuffle". [...] "The main results of the study were that we found that when the climate changes it was not just the temperature that was changing and impacting phytoplankton but it was also all the ocean circulation and the conditions in the ocean surface, such as nutrients and light, that have an ecological impact," Dr Barton observed. "Generally, the whole physical environment is altered; in some cases, quite substantially."
ocean  warming  climate  change  environmental  disaster  ecological  disaster  global  warming  climate  crisis  mass  extinction  unknown  unkown  unintended  consequences  science  complexity  nature 
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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong - YouTube
substance abuse as form of self-medication and coping mechanism - due to their environment they live in. It's the cage you live in. Unhealthy bonds - vs - Healthy bonds. Crisis of disconnection. Social vs Individual recovery!
addiction  neurobiology  neurology  neuroscience  substance  abuse  mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  Perspective  Perspektivlosigkeit  happiness  index  happiness  deprivation  poverty  poverty  trap  child  poverty  Escapeism  Entertainment  work  environment  living  environment  coping  mechanism  self-medication  human  nature  mobile  homescreen  zombie  consumer  War  on  Drugs  Psychiatry  psychology  sociology  working  poor  precarious  work  Precariat  stigma  rat  race  western  world  western  society  status  symbol  status  anxiety  book  consumerist  consumerism  Great  Depression  food  abuse  alcohol  abuse  alcoholism 
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Scotland's environment in 'serious trouble' - BBC News
The report is a follow up to the 2013 State Of Nature UK-wide report, which warned that 60% of 3,148 species studied had declined in past 50 years, and 31% had declined strongly. More than one in 10 of all species assessed were under threat of disappearing from the UK's shores altogether. [...] "As NGOs, we naturally asked ourselves 'What should be done about that?' "This report seeks to answer that question, and is based on a year's interactive research with a wide range of experts - both in wildlife ecology and in policy development and delivery. "The conclusion is not one of despair, but we must act with urgency to create a common course to save wildlife and the natural environment."
mass  extinction  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  climate  change  pollution  water  pollution  noise  pollution  light  pollution  Movement  wildlife  global  warming  urbanisation  urban  planning  natural  resources  resource  depletion  finite  resources  deforestation  coastal  erosion  soil  erosion  nature  nature  reserve 
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Peer Review Feedback: The Good, The Bad, The Really Ugly : NPR
A lens to find the fuller picture of an employee's performance, or just an open call for petty grievances? Well, that depends on whom you ask.
Amazon  people  management  team  management  HR  human  resources  performance  review  OKR  Google  Facebook  peer  pressure  knowledge  worker  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Future  of  Work  KPI  360  review  emotion  objective  bias  prejudice  human  nature 
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The office after Amazon: is the workplace becoming a jungle? | Technology | The Guardian
Certain companies operating in certain fields with certain competition, can and inadvertently develop certain cultures. That some describe as ruthless competitive externally and internally. You could even say that Reed Hastings culture document transpires that this is a workplace where it is expected of you, to contribute and solve problems for our customers (competitive and toppling the established players). PayPal too. And Jeff talks about being obsessive about the customer and inventing in the name of the customer (build a monopsony/monopoly). Gates made MSFT internally competitive (build a monopoly), working long hours, and as they were externally. Very different to FB and Google and their business & product position. // The recent claims about Amazon’s aggressive corporate culture were a cause of consternation to many – but plenty of others couldn't see what the problem was. So is a gentler, more relaxed office culture any better for employees? And is it even what they want?
Silicon  Valley  Seattle  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Microsoft  Netflix  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Google  Facebook  Nature  nurture  work  environment  environment  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  capitalism  competitiveness  competitive  stress  chronic  stress  HR  human  resources  Leadership  people  management  team  management  Paypal 
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NOVA | The Great Math Mystery - PBS - YouTube
Is mathematics our physical world because it can only be describes in mathematics? Physics and its fundamental constants [#] (ie speed of light, sound, gravity, ...). Is mathematics the essence of the universe? // Lesson for Engineering & Programming min 48:30 :: "Engineers live in the domain of the approximate. We are fundamentally interested in the practical. So, frequently we make approximations. We cut corners. We omit terms and equations to get things that are simple enough to suit our purposes and meet our needs. [...] For us engineers we don't get paid to do things right. We get paid to do things just right enough." *Adam Steltzner, NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Science  mathematics  Fibonacci  Pi  STEM  Universe  Albert  Einstein  Pythagoras  Nature  Golden  Ratio  Programming  scaling  scale  engineer  engineering  programmers  NASA 
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How to Make an Attractive City - YouTube
seeking a balance between variety (chaos) and simplicity (order)
urban  planning  architecture  human  nature  city  living  city  mega  city 
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oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Changing Nature of Middle Class Work
The economy is changing in structural ways that affect not just the job market but the nature of work itself. If we ask, what is work?, the conventional answer is tasks that somebody will pay us to do. This is true, but it doesn't address why someone is willing to pay us. The answer is to create value. ... [ Skills, not Expertise. ] ...... As technology's ability to replace costly human labor moves from the factory floor to the service sector, the nature of middle class work is changing. [ IBM's company wide Pivot over +10 years from HW to Services and Software Company. With the accompanying downsizing. ] ... Jobs that can be learned in a few hours are prone to being replaced by machines. [...] The protected sectors beset by soaring costs (healthcare, higher education, major weaponry programs, finance, etc.) will undergo the creative destruction of technology-based productivity gains for the reason that they are already unaffordable, not just to households but to the nation.
skill-biased  technological  change  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  working  poor  value  creation  digital  economy  New  21st  Century  squeezed  middle  class  inequality  tax  code  tax  free  income  Gini  coefficient  elizabethwarren  globalization  globalisation  Robots  Robotics  technological  history  disrupting  markets  disruption  Innovation  productivity  Mobile  Creatives  creative  destruction  Book  Structural  Impediments  deficit  unemployment  imbalance  economics  workless  6-hour  work  day  working  class  work  life  balance  workplace  chaning  face  of  work  Future  Charles  Hugh  Smith  education  bubble  formal  education  coding  Higher  MOOC  education  USA  Europe  Asia  BRIC  UK  2014  Year  of  commodity  business  commoditization  lifestyle  purchasing  power  wage  stagnation  middle  class  automation  open  source  innovator  collaboration  global  economy  global  supply  chain  supply  chain  content  creator  digital  artist  Networking  social  capital  hybrid  work  flexible  work  Problem  Solving  Problemsolvers  work  experience  global  in  nature  free  trade  global  trade  Sweat  Equity  Gary  Vaynerchuk  accountable  lifestyle  businesses  lifestyle  business  workplace  security  human  capital  reputation  capital  skills  underemployed  Employability  part-time  employment  youth  unemployment  employment  of  lifehacker  life  life  of  life  l 
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Birth Defects Tied to Fertility Techniques -
Infants conceived with techniques commonly used in fertility clinics are two to four times more likely to have certain birth defects than are infants conceived naturally, a new study has found. >> unintended consequences overcoming nature & evolution.
nature  complexity  IVF  unintended  consequences  evolution 
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Ökonomen-Konferenz Hongkong: Warum wir immer mehr wollen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Je größer unser Wohlstand, so das Fazit, umso größer der Anteil unserer Ausgaben, mit denen wir lediglich anderen Menschen nacheifern. [...] Werber wissen intuitiv: Das Versprechen von Status ist eines der wichtigsten Verkaufsargumente überhaupt. [...] Nachahmungstheorie des Kulturwissenschaftlers René Girard: Für ihn zählt der Drang von Menschen, andere in ihrem Verhalten zu imitieren, zu den Grundlagen der Zivilisation. [...] Wie Finanzmärkte neigen auch Konsumgütermärkte zu Spekulationsblasen >> Angewandt auf die Wirtschaftswissenschaften führt Girards Theorie zu beunruhigenden Erkenntnissen: Märkte für Konsumgüter tendieren nicht automatisch zu einem Gleichgewicht von Angebot und Nachfrage, wie gemeinhin angenommen, sondern zu einem immerwährenden Ungleichgewicht. "Ohne Knappheit gäbe es keine Nachfrage." ( ) - Plays well into anthropology, evolution. Google "chimpanzee imitation"
complexity  advertising  speculative  bubble  western  lifestyle  Jean-Pierre  Dupuy  status  quo  middleclass  status  marketing  INET  society  microeconomics  disequilibrium  philosophy  advertisement  social  science  peterthiel  equilibrium  Nature  evolution  social  study  bubble  René  Girard  imitation  zombie  consumer  economics  western  society  consumerist  culture 
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Shortcuts - In Talent, Determination Outweighs Nature and Nurture -
Most of us think of talent as an ability we’re born with and have fairly little control over. But increasingly, experts are questioning the notion that genes limit how far we can go.

“deliberate practice.”
talent  psychology  parenting  creativity  interesting  innovation  career  nature  nurture  determination  leadership  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  advice  business  expert  experience  genes  genetics  practice 
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Study Finds Benefits in Modified Crops but Warns of Overuse -
“This is a very different future,” said Dr. Benbrook, an agricultural economist who is chief scientist at the Organic Center, which promotes organic food and farming. “The cost is going to be way higher. The environmental impacts are going to go up fairly dramatically.”

The Justice Department is investigating whether Monsanto, which has patents on the Roundup Ready system, is violating antitrust laws, unduly increasing prices or hindering innovation.
nature  geneticallyengineered  biotechnology  environment  pesticide  unintended  consequences  food  Monsanto  crops  farming  patent 
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OpenLearn - The Open University
The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials. This is the LearningSpace, where you'll find hundreds of free study units, each with a discussion forum. Study independently at your own pace or join a group and use the free learning tools to work with others.
education  mathematics  languages  computing  science  nature  society  study-skills  learning  free  elearning  university  courses  opensource  open  e-learning  openlearn  management  business  MBA  course  course-ware  open-university 
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