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The FULL uncut interview with Christopher Nolan - Newsnight - YouTube
don't kill the messenger. // "pitch it in the language you think it should be made in." for the breath of the audience. "engaging audience can pay dividends." [...] don't disregard the audience. [...] playing wider. [...] ambitions about the film. [...] 'the amount of energy and time you put in you want to be passionate about otherwise it becomes a never ending slog'
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Add: from minute 4:55 - Prometheus Arc
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PROMETHEUS Sequel Recap: What We Know About the Possible Follow-Up So Far

"The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…"

- Sir Ridley Scott certainly wanted to tell us something, educate, show, ... with Blade Runner. And as well with Prometheus.
- Same can be said about new TV Series Continuum (Canada)
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YouTube - Geena Davis on her Quest for Gender Equity in Film and Television
self reinforcing circle ...? the power of images and messages 

Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis talks with the "PBS NewsHour's" Simon Marks about her fight to bring more realistic and numerous roles for women in film and television. Most recently, she has teamed up with ITVS to present a series of documentaries about women making a difference.
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The Academy Awards: Business as usual | The Economist
Maybe we shouldn’t expect anything else from an annual backslapping session built around a ridiculous number of advert breaks.
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Hollywood Moves Away From Middlebrow Movies -
As a result, studios are finally and fully conceding that moviegoers, armed with Facebook and other networking tools and concerned about escalating ticket prices, are holding them to higher standards. The product has to be good.
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In Company Men, Hollywood Gives Hope to Main St. -
Mr. Jones, as the fictional Gene McClary, and Mr. Cooper, as his longtime right-hand man, Phil Woodward, are a couple of suddenly unemployed shipbuilding executives who have been drinking, philandering and otherwise acting out their rage and confusion at having lost jobs in the current economic troubles.
They’re too old to get new jobs, and too proud to stop trying. Along with Ben Affleck, who plays Bobby Walker, a sidelined fellow executive from a rapidly downsizing conglomerate, the company men McClary and Woodward are trying to jump-start new lives, while kicking some life into America’s dreary economy.
They have been quick enough to spot Wall Street gone awry. This year, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” directed by Oliver Stone, and a pair of documentaries, “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson, and “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer,” directed by Alex Gibney, all chronicle in one way or another the sins of a financial industry that lost its moorings.
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