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Faecal transplant researchers identify 'super-pooper' donors | Science | The Guardian
Writing in the journal Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Dr Justin O’Sullivan and colleagues say while recurrent C Diff infections are down to the overgrowth of a particular type of bacteria, a more complex shift in conditions seems to be present in ulcerative colitis where a “super-donor effect” is seen.
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Sperm quality improved by adding nuts to diet, study says - BBC News
The study comes amid a decline in sperm counts across the Western world, linked to pollution, smoking and diet.

Researchers said there was growing evidence a healthy diet could boost the odds of conceiving.
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Wide range of drugs affect growth of gut microbes, study says | Science | The Guardian
A wide range of drugs from cancer therapies to antipsychotics affect the growth of microbes that are found in our gut, researchers say, highlighting that it is not only antibiotics that can have an impact on our internal flora.
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DIY faecal transplants carry risks including HIV and hepatitis, warn experts | Science | The Guardian
The fear that faecal transplants could give recipients more than they bargained for is underscored by a case study from 2015 in which a woman undergoing a faecal transplant for a C. difficile infection ended up becoming obese after receiving a stool sample from her healthy but overweight daughter.
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(5643) Dicke Kinder - kranke Kinder! | Odysso - YouTube
4:50 - mutter vater bestimmen zum teil den hang zum uebergewicht und diabetes. bei zeugung und im mutterleib und fruehkindheit. junk food babies thus is a fitting name. // thus GP ask for family history.
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No evidence sugar-free soft drinks aid weight loss – study | Life and style | The Guardian --- Soft drinks made with artificial sweeteners, such as diet colas, do not help people lose weight and may be as big a part of the obesity problem as the full-sugar versions, academics have said.

A paper by researchers at Imperial College London and two universities in Brazil contends that artificially sweetened beverages, often called diet drinks, are just as big a problem as those containing sugar. There is no evidence they help people lose weight, they say, possibly because people assume they can eat more because their drinks are low in sugar. &!
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Why I Donated My Stool -
Dr. Brandt was suspending his F.M.T. practice for ulcerative colitis on the advice of the hospital’s lawyers, in order to comply with a new Food and Drug Administration decision. In April, the F.D.A. decided to classify human stool that is used therapeutically as a drug, and thus approved for use only within an F.D.A.-approved clinical study.
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