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Economic policy: Paved with good intentions | The Economist
Although the debate [austerity] relates to the UK, I think it has a much wider resonance. And indeed, to a student of history, it has fascinating parallels; economic policy-making was rethought in the mid-1970s, but the same debates are popping up again. [...] Margaret Thatcher on ZIRP & QE "Let us print the money instead. Because what that is saying is let us quietly steal a cerain amount from every pound saved in building societies, in national savings, from every person who has been thrifty." [...] [ZIRP & QE is no free lunch - it has consequences, known and unknown, unintended.]
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Cameron Learns From Thatcher on Economy - Bloomberg
 Cameron has no alternative to pressing ahead, political scholars say. The premier and his ministers will face more opposition this week as public-sector unions prepare for strikes against pension curbs.Thatcher’s experience shows sticking to painful economic policies is less dangerous politically than a perception of weakness, according to Tim Bale, author of “The Conservative Party From Thatcher to Cameron.”“Even if people disagree, the idea that you’re sticking to it and prepared to stay the course is important,” said Bale, who’s professor of politics at the University of Sussex.

The premier tried to make a virtue last week of his rethink of an overhaul of the NHS, a step forced on him by a rebellion from his Liberal Democrat coalition partners and protests from doctors and nurses. He said it showed his government is listening.

"You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning."
“She thought very carefully and chose her battles,”
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