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- Startups - George Zachary of Charles River Ventures - TWiST #237 - YouTube
interesting point about deflationary pressures ... ... min 59 - re-training of workforce - for the workplaces of the future. // min 1:00:00 social divide between the havs and the havs not. // education has to marry (50/50) liberal arts and practical skill sets for the future. mandatory will have to be technology basics and programming intro.
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Report: San Francisco has worse income inequality than Rwanda | PandoDaily
It’s not difficult to see evidence of income disparity in San Francisco. The headquarters of Twitter, now valued at around $20 billion, looms massively over a neighborhood plagued by homelessness, drug addiction, and prostitution. Median rents continue to hit record highs, and despite the wealth that continues to pour into San Francisco thanks to the tech boom, the number of homeless individuals has remained more-or-less the same since 2005. The gap between rich and poor is widening across the country, but according to a new study, San Francisco income inequality was found to be not only above the US national average – it was even slightly worse than that of Rwanda, which is among the most unequal countries in the world. +++ See "Gender (+ Race) + Class" paragraph.
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