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Steve Keen on Education - YouTube
economy future relies on innovation. and if you check and monitor to death a system, and add bureaucracy on top of it, and low wages, and being under staffed and being over worked. and crowded, noisy class rooms (unable to spot talent and unable to sponsor). you can't have a prosperous future economy/generation with high social mobility. higher incomes. new industries. // oh and theyve cut research to nothing // oh and the creative digital industry is complaining, and added value industry is complaining about lack of qualified/skilled young workforce. // // UK will lose rest of its heavy industry because of energy prices it can't compete on world wide because it hasn't invested in the Smart Grid, energy storage systems, infrastructure, and renewable energy! Period. Budget2015 they cut all of renewable investment schemes and even had the audacity to put a carbon tax levy on it!
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Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things - YouTube
// good and services - commoditisation - near priceless. // mass market becomes zero marginal cost business - commodity! thus have to differentiate ie through freemium/premium/subscription model! two tier. // attention span - news is free, ppl are satiated quiet often with free news, that they don't pay for premium products (except niche) like analysis&perspective & brand pull. have to add more value to core value prop and intangible value - like community & leadership // every consumer can become a prosumer //
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