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Steve Keen on Education - YouTube
economy future relies on innovation. and if you check and monitor to death a system, and add bureaucracy on top of it, and low wages, and being under staffed and being over worked. and crowded, noisy class rooms (unable to spot talent and unable to sponsor). you can't have a prosperous future economy/generation with high social mobility. higher incomes. new industries. // oh and theyve cut research to nothing // oh and the creative digital industry is complaining, and added value industry is complaining about lack of qualified/skilled young workforce. // // UK will lose rest of its heavy industry because of energy prices it can't compete on world wide because it hasn't invested in the Smart Grid, energy storage systems, infrastructure, and renewable energy! Period. Budget2015 they cut all of renewable investment schemes and even had the audacity to put a carbon tax levy on it!
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Paul Mason - is capitalism dead? | Guardian Live - YouTube
100 year process, this is the 21st century // when you define the problem you also define the solution, in most cases. from A to B. // capitalism has rent-seeking tendency. DRM and IP/intellectual property is rent-seeking. // --- need book what to do with post-capitalism tools, open source, open data, share economy, shared economic interest, transparency, political reform - voucher system (Larry Lessig). --- // biotech and gene and new age of medicine will replace hardware and proprietary software (already being displaced by open source) //
post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  monopoly  monopsony  Silicon  Valley  Wall  Street  Paul  Mason  rent-seeking  intellectual  property  Page  Rank  Google  Search  copyright  IP  intellectualproperty  DRM  Kindle  Amazon  Microsoft  Open  Source  Open  Data  civic  good  Public  civic  society  Share  Economy  proprietary  software  Karl  Marx  economic  history  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  buyback  underinvestment  productive  investment  climate  change  interest  groups  vested  interest  interestgroups  fiduciary  responsibility  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  faultlines  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Career  Politicians  social  contract  No  Representation  neoliberalism  neoliberal  exploitation  Gini  coefficient  Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creatives  knowledge  knowledge  worker  3D  printing  marginal  cost  economics  of  abundance  renewable  energy  commodity  business  commoditization  book  meritocracy  meritocratic  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  zombie  consumer  finite  resources  status  anxiety  identity  society  philosophy  sociology  social  cohesion  social  tension  inequality  income  mobility  social  mobility  4-day  week  leisure  tim 
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