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Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things - YouTube
// good and services - commoditisation - near priceless. // mass market becomes zero marginal cost business - commodity! thus have to differentiate ie through freemium/premium/subscription model! two tier. // attention span - news is free, ppl are satiated quiet often with free news, that they don't pay for premium products (except niche) like analysis&perspective & brand pull. have to add more value to core value prop and intangible value - like community & leadership // every consumer can become a prosumer //
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IAMA: Christopher Hitchens | reddit's top ten questions - YouTube
moral hero, grit and grain: book "a struggle for power." many minutes in 'working class adopting capitalism without it's cruelties.' corporations, politicians, there got to be transparency & accountability. avoiding ecological, environmental & economic disaster, exploitation, secrecy, misery @ the workplace & parasitic behaviour (leeching out the life of the host, the planet, till death). end of video; debate, debating, speech, rhetoric and flair; tip - improv. Socratic method; process of elimination, eliminating all questions a good means of ordering the mind. Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011 BBC tribute < Religion "ur created sick & commanded to be well," and talking about Cancer. + It is unbelievable that Religion is still a power of force and way of thinking in Political and Policy circles. // Paxman meets Hitchens - | + on ABC1 Lateline - see related content, other interviews during his ill health.
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