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Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis says EU deal is a 'new Treaty of Versailles’ | News | The National
THE bailout deal forced upon Greece by its eurozone creditors was dubbed “a new treaty of Versailles” last night by the country’s former finance minister. [...] the deal comes with years of enforced austerity and privatisation of state assets. Yanis Varoufakis, who quit last week after falling out with his European counterparts, spoke of the “politics of humiliation”. He said the lenders were taking revenge on prime minister Alexis Tsipras. “It is an impossible deal,” he added. “A deal that is simply not viable.” [...] “This has nothing to do with economics. It has nothing to do with putting Greece back on the rails towards recovery. This is a new Versailles Treaty that is haunting Europe again, and the prime minister knows it. He knows that he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t.” [...] “It’s not that it didn’t go down well – there was point-blank refusal to engage in economic arguments. Point blank.
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Greek debt crisis: What next for the European Union dream? - BBC News
In a European Union that's currently dominated by eye-popping debt figures, last-minute debt talks and sharp-tongued insults, some people are wondering what happened to the idealism behind the European project: the "European idea"? // &! Greece debt crisis: Eurozone decision down to politics - // agglomeration of the symptoms and outcomes of our time have pushed weak career politicans in a corner where they can't admit a big academic/intellectual/economic mistake and at least re-orientate. thus keeping the destructive path they are on. because their national (political) interest (and that of their constituency) is them more important (their status quo career) than the greater good and stable integrated (& solidarity) future of Europe is so needs in an even more unstable and uncertain and competitive future. It all started when they said it was "Alternativlos" to bailout banks and transfer the debt (risk) on public balance sheet.
Grexit  PIGS  European  History  European  Union  Angela  Merkel  Jean-Claude  Juncker  ECB  MarioDraghi  Germany  France  FrancoisHollande  Leadership  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Wolfgang  Schäuble  compromise  political  error  political  folly  political  economy  political  theory  Syriza  Alexis  Tsipras  Yanis  Varoufakis  austerity  dogma  ideology  IMF  ChristineLagarde  humility  humble  character  economic  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Gesellschaft  society  symptom  bailout  PIIGS  zombie  banks  PIIGSFB  GFC  recovery  2015  UK  neoliberal  neoliberalism  crony  capitalism  TBTF  toobigtofail  too  big  to  jail  Wall  Street  liberal  economic  reform  referendum  democracy 
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Greek referendum: how would top economists vote? | World news | The Guardian
"A no vote would at least open the possibility that Greece, with its strong democratic tradition, might grasp its destiny in its own hands. [...] [I]s far more hopeful than the unconscionable torture of the present." [...] The troika clearly did a reverse Corleone – they made Tsipras an offer he can’t accept, and presumably did this knowingly [ Blackmail offer they (Syriza) could not accept - &! &! ]. So the ultimatum was, in effect, a move to replace the Greek government. [T]hat has to be disturbing for anyone who believes in European ideals. [...] I recommend that the Greek people give a resounding “No” to the creditors in the referendum on their demands this weekend. // &! The Guardian view on the Greek referendum: hard to imagine a more dismal choice - Editorial - - The Greek crisis has led Brussels into the business of regime change // &! True leaders admit 2 mistakes = humility. not smartest.
jeffreysachs  Jeffrey  Sachs  Joseph  Stiglitz  Paul  Krugman  Grexit  referendum  democracy  Troika  IMF  ECB  austerity  ideology  economic  history  Career  Politicians  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  ChristineLagarde  Syriza  blackmail  dogma  economic  damage  economic  model  economic-thought  shared  economic  interest  social  tension  social  cohesion  Gesellschaft  European  Union  solidarity  propaganda  manufactured  consent  corporate  state  EFSF  haircut  debt  jubilee  Leadership  humility  MarioDraghi  Jean-Claude  Juncker 
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How to Find Fulfilling Work - YouTube
& we think we are free to choose. but in reality, we only can and have to choose from a set given options to us. // you don't need to ask for permission // the deathbed - eulogy - is the ultimate criteria (to judge) - see David Brooks book 'The Road to Character.'
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