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Greek debt: ECB 'to maintain funding limit' - BBC News - Greek debt crisis: ECB not raising funding limit. The decision not to raise the cap on aid to Greece increases the likelihood of bank closures and restrictions on cash withdrawals, analysts say. That in turn could eventually result in Greece leaving the euro. The ECB said that it stood ready to review the decision and would work closely with the Bank of Greece. The current ceiling for the ECB's emergency funding - Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) - is €89bn (£63bn). It is not clear if all that money has been disbursed. [...] &! [...] Greece banks to stay closed on Monday, Piraeus Bank chief says, after emergency meeting in Athens // &! 'Bank Holiday' aka Corralito - // &! Rumor: Greece Stock market will likely not open too. // &! >> ECB not raising ELA in this situation is forcing Syriza/Gov to close down banks, stock market and enforce capital controls. ECB, the silent enforcer.
ECB  ELA  Grexit  Bank  of  Greece  run  bankrun  Corralito  holiday  economic  history  capital-controls  capital-flight  capital  controls  European  Union  IMF  Troika  MarioDraghi  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Jens  Weidmann  BuBa 
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La Biennale di Venezia - Home
International Art Exhibition is open to the public from 1 June to 24 November -- contemporary art expo
holiday  Art  vacation  Venice  citybreak  Italy 
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Acapulco: Bewaffnete vergewaltigen Touristinnen in Strandressort - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Hintergrund der Tat ist noch unklar. Der Sender Milenio Televisión berichtete, die Urlauber seien auch ausgeraubt worden. Es könnte aber auch eine Eskalation des mexikanischen Drogenkriegs sein. Der Bürgermeister versuchte, den Fall herunterzuspielen. "Was passiert ist, ist sehr bedauerlich, aber so etwas geschieht überall auf der Welt", sagte Bürgermeister Walton.

>> Avoid Mexico!? Avoid countries with unstable social frame?
holiday  vacation  mexico  drug  cartel  mexico  tourism  drug  cartel 
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How Travel Saved Actor Andrew McCarthy - YouTube
Having hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro and traveled the Amazon River, actor Andrew McCarthy from the films "St. Elmo's Fire," "Pretty in Pink" and "Weekend at Bernie's" talks about his love affair with travel and how it impacted his impending marriage. He chronicles his adventures in a new book: "The Longest Way Home." With WSJ Off Duty Host Wendy Bounds.

"" - when your travelling alone, you are much more untethered, more vulnerable, dependent on the kindness of strangers, - it opens you up - you sort of become a better version of yourself. ""

"" Travel obliterates fear. ""
"" Fear makes for bad decision making. ""
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South Africa
Bora Bora
holiday  vacation  travel 
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montage - laguna beach - Google Search;=en

“A luxury Laguna Beach spa resort offering treatments such as massages, facials and hydrotherapy and a Kim Vo hair salon. This spa in Orange County uses the ocean as inspiration for their spa menu.”

30801 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651 United States‎
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+1 949-715-6010
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The minibar whiskey may be urine and why you don't want to drink from the glasses: staff dish hotel secrets | Mail Online
6. One room, one simple rule
An employee at a top hotel told Reddit that people wanting just one room should avoid online travel sites.
He said third parties often charge more than the hotel's actual rate so people should book directly because if there are vacancies, they're willing to bargain.
'If you are just reserving a room, you're getting the short stick,' he said.
7. Need to cancel without paying a fee? Think ahead
Another useful tip was on how to avoid paying a cancellation fee when you have to ditch a reservation at the last minute.
A receptionist said a clever solution is to call the hotel and push your reservation forward a few weeks. Then, call back later that day and cancel.

Read more:
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august 2012 by asterisk2a - the Official Tourism website of the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall
Summer Vacation

Isle If Scilly is most western place of Britain which is inhabited.
The exotic Isles of Scilly - 28 miles beyond Land's End, these are England's final full stop. On magical isles with a Caribbean feel. Warmed by the gulf stream.

Go September - walk from Island to Island when the tide is lowest. Through the

Coast - Series 7 - 2. Life Beyond the Edge

Other ideas:
- Isle of Lewis and its may little green Isles ... with Sheep on them ... and their Sea Shepard.
- St. David's,'s_Cathedral, as well as where the first Fossil was found, the Welsh Trilobite, are extinct marine arthropods that flourished from the Cambrian to the Permian (between 520 and 250 million years ago).
- Aberystwyth.
- Liverpool, where the Great Eastern (greatest Ship build at its time) was build to carry&lay; the 2nd trans-atlantic cable (+2000 miles)
vacation  UK  holidays  holiday  travel 
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portofino italy - Google Search
some days in portofino and around, enjoy culture, food, scenery, ...
might be more expensive, but worth it.
vacation  holidays  holiday  travel  Italy 
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San Alfonso del Mar
San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile
Resort with the largest Swimming Pool in the world.

Area: 20 acres
Depth: Up to 115ft
Temperature: heated to 26C

Read more:

Trip Advisor Reviews ::

Weather :
Climate :

Go Nov - Feb, when Warm Weather.
Go tour other cities, destinations, enjoy Chile culture and food.

PS: there are other 4 star hotels around like the Winery Boutique Hotel ...
holidays  holiday  travel  vacation 
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Thermes de Spa - Rendez-vous avec vous…

Belgian city Spa whose name is now synonymous with wellness centers: Spa.
holiday  vacation  travel  Spa  Belgium 
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Galway, Galway Guide, Galway Ireland Information
galway ireland
- interesting weekend break destination.
- not dublin ...
vacation  holidays  holiday  ireland  travel 
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Tivoli, Italy - Google Search
Rome (Roma) is the heart of Italy ... and Naples is its soul.

The biggest water garden in Europe is in the city of Tivoli.

Further destinations to travel - The Royal Palace in Caserta.

Solfatara (Vulcano)
Naples ..
idea  inspiration  vacation  holiday  travel  Italy 
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Premium All inclusive Beach and Ski holidays with Club Med
PS: Last minute offers (under Special Offers) every Friday up to 30% off
luxury  lastminute  searchengine  holidays  holiday  vacation  travel 
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Karneval in Nizza | Euromaxx - YouTube
Samba in the South of France (Côte d'Azur, Nice (Nizza)) from 17. Feb till 4. March 2012.

Eng version
vacation  holiday  Nizza  france  idea  travel 
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Belize (Central America) - Google Search
ie. you can do Christmas vacation / holiday there ... with the tropical climate.

has nature, beach,
english as official language,
small and very tourism
holiday  vacation  holidays  idea  travel 
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James-Bond-Schaupltze in echt: Die Welt ist genug - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Reise
Indische Paläste, Korallenriffe in der Karibik, Schloss Schönbrunn: Wenn Filmheld James Bond auf die Jagd nach Verbrechern und schönen Frauen geht, sieht er viel von der Welt. Wer dem britischen Geheimagenten nachreist, erlebt Kultur- und Naturspektakel, die nicht 08/15 sind - sondern 007.
travel  vacation  holiday  holidays  inspiration  ideas 
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city - Zagreb, Croatia | euromaxx - YouTube
Until recently Croatia's capital Zagreb was thought of mostly as a stopover along the legendary Orient Express train route than as a travel destination in its own right. The city escaped major damage during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. Now more and more visitors are discovering Zagreb's Baroque city center and lively cultural scene.
citybreak  croatia  zagreb  travel  vacation  holiday 
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Urlaub extrem... riskant | Video des Tages - YouTube
DW-Reporter Mischa Heuer testet in Tirol extreme Urlaubsaktivitäten: Wildwasser-Rafting, Paragliden, Mountainbiken, Fallschirmspringen und Klettern werden angeboten. Im Mountain High Adventure Centre in Kirchdorf finden mutige Urlauber die ultimative Herausforderung.
vacation  tirol  holiday  holidays  adventure  austria 
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euromaxx city - Palma, Spain | euromaxx - YouTube
Palma is a melange of Spanish lifestyle with international flair. In the summertime tourists mingle with Mallorquinos and foreign residents in the pulsating heart of town.
citybreak  Spain  travel  holiday  vacation  idea  holidays 
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‪Von Kste zu Kste - Die italienische Riviera | Video des Tages‬‏ - YouTube
Italien Riviera 
Genua, Italy 
ligurische coast
- temperatures are mild throughout the year. hot in summer.

Engl Ver 
Series: Coast to Coast - Italian Riviera | euromaxx
In this new series on Europe's coastline, we first visit the Italian Riviera which boasts some of the most beautiful sights on the continent. The Italian Riviera basically covers the coast in Liguria bordering France. On the northern side of the Italian Riviera we visit the towns of Bordighera and San Remo which is the largest resort area and we check out the vineyard of Antonio Perrino.
italy  travel  holiday  idea 
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